How To Deal With Piles? Foods To Eat And What To Avoid

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Piles, otherwise known as hemorrhoids, are common health conditions among adults. Generally, piles are swollen, inflamed veins in the anus, which may lead to discomfort and sometimes bleeding while stooling.

Piles could be internal, where the inflamed or swollen veins are within the rectum; or external piles surrounding the outer part of the anus.

Causes of piles are often associated with constant pressure on the rectum during bowel movement, obesity, chronic constipation, pregnancy and diet choices.

Without much ado, here is a list of food for pile treatment, and what you shouldn’t eat.

What you should eat


The protein and fibre- rich food is a staple you should cherish when dealing with piles. Filling up on black beans, lima beans, and baked beans will help improve your bowel movement.

Whole grains

Whole grains such as brown rice, bran cereal and oatmeal are superfoods endowed with fiber and excellent to reduce extra strain on the hemorrhoids.

It also reduces chances of constipation and soften stools.


Apples, raspberries, pears, papaya and bananas are great source of fibre that are essential to prevent general discomfort caused by pile. These fruits also contain minerals and vitamins which are beneficial in regulating bowels movement.


Perhaps the cheapest pile treatment is by staying adequately hydrated every day. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day regulates your digestive and decreases straining.

What to avoid

Spicy Foods

Spicy vegetables like cayenne pepper should be avoided if you have pile. Their high acidity level may aggravate condition by causing increased pain and inflammation of anal veins.


Cheese are low in fibre and tend to increase straining while stooling. occasionally consumption of cheese won’t hurt you, but eating it excessively will aggravate your piles condition. Modify your diet by having cheese only once a week and add it to your salads or sandwich so the fiber will help you in digestion.

Processed foods

They are packed with loads of preservatives which are chemicals and harmful to the digestive tract. It is advisable you cut down on processed meat and other processed foods while treating piles.

Other foods to cut down on include coffee which causes dehydration; butter, white bread, white rice also lead to constipation.

Regular exercise, yielding to mother nature call as at when due, spending lesser time in toilet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are great ways to treat piles.

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