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How To Deal With Subversive Employees

  1. Communicate clearly with the subversive employee. When an employee has a problem with management or problem with another member of his team, communication is essential. Go directly to that person and ask about the issue. This is not something that should be avoided.
  2. 2. Keep the discussion on actions and events. Do not make this a personal battle between you and the other employee. Instead, focus on what the other employee did or said. This way, the employee will not feel as though you are personally attacking him.
  3. .Listen to the subversive employee as much as possible. When you make a point, wait for a response from the employee. If you are doing all the talking, the employee will not feel as though anything is resolved. Give him the opportunity to speak his mind instead of making it a one-way conversation.
  4. Discipline the employee if you are the supervisor and the situation warrants it. If the employee continually undermines you in front of the rest of your team or breaks company rules, assert your authority. If the employee still does not improve, you might have to fire him. Employees should know that their actions have consequences.
  5. Act quickly when an opportunity presents itself. If a subversive employee does something that requires action, do not wait until a more convenient time to handle it. If you say nothing when a subversive employee says or does something inappropriate, the employee will see this as agreement on your part. Instead, ask the employee to step into your office or a private area to handle the matter immediately.
  6. .Remain consistent in your wishes or statements when dealing with a subversive employee. If the employee tries to get you to change your mind on the issue or shift blame to someone else, continue with the same message. Repeat it over and over again if necessary.

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