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How to Dress a House for Sale

tips sell house without realtor

Selling a house is more than just putting it on the market. It’s about selling the idea of a future. You need someone to be so desperate to own your home that they bid higher than the next person, and they push to secure the deal without any hiccups or delays because they want your home more than anything.

They will do this when the future they see for themselves in your home is everything that they have ever dreamed of. If your home is messy or in disrepair, they cannot do this. That is why you need to invest in a facelift for your home so that you can sell it at the price you deserve.


1.   Deep Clean Your Property


Do the next owners the courtesy of cleaning your property. This means clearing out your fridge and cleaning it, deep cleaning your oven, and even bringing in someone to clean your carpets. You will have a hard time selling a home without doing these steps, so take note of the issues and book appointments as necessary.


2.   Easy Facelift Ideas to Spruce Up Your Property


If your home isn’t selling and has already had an open house, then you need to sit down and rethink your approach. By updating a few easy areas of your home, like the wall color or the doorknobs, you can give it the facelift it needs to look modern without fully renovating your home.


3.   Add Some Homely Additions for Your Open House


Flowers, freshly baked goods, and rented décor can all do wonders towards dressing up your home for sale. There are even some services that will allow you to rent entire room sets so that you can decorate your home with top-end furniture for the open house.


4.   Remove the Clutter of Everyday Life 


People want to be able to envision a family living in your home, but they don’t want to see your family actively living in your home. That is why it is a good time to get a head start on your packing and store things away. This doesn’t mean you should have boxes scattered around your home or shoved into every closet you own. A good solution, and a way to make the eventual moving process easier, is to use to find a cheap storage unit for you. Climate controlled and secure, these units can keep all your personal belongings during house viewings and also be useful when you finally move out.


5.   Create a Brochure


Most people who house hunt rarely stop at just one, which is why you need your home to be memorable in more than one way. By creating a brochure that has photos of your home, the floorplan, as well as all the local amenities and their distances (schools being one of the most important, as well as any public transportation), you can remind prospective buyers of exactly why they should buy your home, and put your property at the forefront of their minds.


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