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How To Dress Corporate As A Lady In Nigeria


According to Collins Dictionary; a dress is a piece of clothing worn by a woman or girl. It covers her body and part of her legs. For this learning process, we are picking this definition because we want to discuss about how a lady can be dressed classy and corporate.

Try not to accept that the business picture is exhausting, uninteresting, and difficult to be female, trendy and delightful. A reasonable dress will change you, and your distinction will be underscored even in the workplace. You will still look stylish and delicate in lady’s style.

The following are the styles you can use:

1.Wrap-around dress

This is a style for quality fabrics that can be used as corporate dresses for ladies in Nigeria. The style is beautiful, always topical, the feminine wrap-around dress is an enduring trend of recent years, which can not be excluded from the list of the correct corporate dress for business women. They perfectly correct the lady-like figure, bringing it closer to the perfect hourglass shape, conceal a full belly. Often wrap-around dresses have a deep V-neck, emphasizing the neckline.


2. Fitted dresses with short sleeves for office

Dresses of an adjacent cut with a short sleeve are more convenient than a model with a full-length sleeve or dress with no sleeves at all. This is a restrained and at the same time relevant alternative to both models, which, moreover, ideally suits the business style. Depending on your mood or the type of clients you want to meet for the day; this style of dress can be paired with a brightly or nude-coloured jacket.


3. Two-piece corporate dresses designs 

You can call it the old fashioned-suits – but in recent years, designers are increasingly releasing such suits as two-piece dresses. Actually, they are closer to a simple gown at first sight(this is called a peplum gown); it is sometimes difficult to notice that the outfit consists of two parts. This kind of tops(crop-tops) are made for everyday wearing, it is inappropriate to expose the belly at work.



4. Business dresses for ladies above 50

This is the kind of style for classy business ladies above the age of fifty. The quality of the material,  the cut, and the simplicity of the silhouette are the major essentials of this kind of style. Multilayered and overstated waist is definitely not a too-good option. The best length will be a dress a bit below the knee and tights should be chosen necessarily dense to hide the flaws of the legs.

As for this class of ladies; a short sleeve cannot always emphasize the beauty of the shoulders. It is better to choose deep and saturated colors, avoiding bright shades.





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