How To Ensure Team Compliance In The Workplace

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1. Involve your team in decision-making.

Nothing will improve employee buy-in quite like giving them some skin in the game. When you include employees in the decision-making process from the outset, they don’t just watch as great concepts come and go — they’re able to add their own ideas to the mix.

2. Illustrate the effectiveness of your strategy.

Digital simulations are a great way to demonstrate the potential of a strategy without requiring your organization to go out on a real-life limb — yet.

Digital simulations are a powerful way to create organizational alignment because they allow teams of any size to participate in the strategizing process. You can then gauge how employees feel about the strategy and make any necessary changes to promote more wholehearted buy-in while ensuring you have the skill sets you’ll need to pull it all off.

3. Delegate to employee strengths.

Division of labor is critical for an effective team, and it’s equally critical for employees to take on roles that correspond to their strengths. Think about a soccer team, where individuals serve as forwards, midfielders and defenders, depending on where they perform the best. In most cases, if you switch the striker and the goalie, the team might as well forfeit.

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