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How To Gain Health And Wealth From Orange Fruits

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Orange trees are grown from the citrus fruit seed. The species, China orange (aka ‘the sweet’) Mandarin or tangerine, and seville navigated through coasts  to every part of the world. The success of its journey sprouted from the discovery of its values. Its nutritious resources have cemented a profound relationship with man. For example.

The rich limonoids  citrus in orange helps prevent variety of cancer, kidney disease and reduces the risk of kidney stone. Carotenoids, vitamin A compound found in orange, helps reduce liver cancer.

There is also a soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol. The potassium; an electrolyte mineral, helps the heart to function well. Also the vitamin C contents lower the risk of diseases by neutralizing radicals that could cause chronic diseases.

Nevertheless, there is a dietary fiber which stimulates digestive juices and relieves constipation. Its fleivonoid hesperidin helps regulate high blood pressure. Orange contains beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from being damaged. 

Orange goes from nutritional benefits to financial enrichment. In 1493 Christopher Columbus took orange seeds across the Atlantic to Spain’s canary Island. He did not know that today, Spain would be the largest producer in Europe, and the leading exporter in the world.

In 1513, Spanish explorer Juan ponce de leon planted the American first orange trees in Florida. His vision did not see America (Sao Paulo and Florida) as the largest producer of this citrus fruit in the 21century.

China has gone a million miles above where it all started in 2500 BC, currently exporting 300 tonnes per week, due to the use of orange fruit for can and other beverages. The Mediterranean welcomed the tree custom and savored both the health and economic benefits.

Africa is not left out. The weather condition brings out the best of its taste. Selling for about $15.00 per box. The market is growing according to its seasons. It’s quiet thrilling how rich a tree that started in a few numbers has made the world. And it is not stopping yet.

 Juice producing industries are increasing their pace, giving you the choice of eating it in a different way. The  waste is useful, over time, people have found better ways to use it. some examples are animal feeds, ethanol production etc.

Despite the tremendous growth, the relationship between earth and orange trees is yet straining in so many lands, because those who should put them in peace are not interested. Now that you have seen the blessings emanating from orange fruits. Wouldn’t you plant some and see how mother earth blesses those who plant in her? This is how to start.

Get acres of land according to your production plan. This is important because the trees need spacing. Average trees should be spaced 12- 25 feet apart, depending on their size. Dwarfs, 6-10 feet apart.

 It is always better to plant in a sunny and wind protected area. Planting season depends on what is obtainable in your location, but it’s always better in spring.

Plant on slight mound when the soil is not drained. It prevents water logging.

Feed the trees a balanced fertilizer for the first few months and years after planting. That’s before they get to the age of bearing fruit.

Get nutrients for newly bearing trees to continue branch and leaf growth, and also to replace the nutrients lost by fruit forming. E:g citrus blend. But it is always better to consult a nursery gardener or the manufacturer for the usage direction.

It takes about 3 to 6 years to bear fruit, but it all depends on the specie and climate. However, before then, you should rid the trees of pests using recommended insecticides, according to insects available in your climate. 

Harvesting and storing come seasonally. Know when the fruit are ripen enough to be harvested. You can always know that through the taste of the orange fruit.

Store in a cool dry place. Timing is important when storing fruit products, take notice of how long it would take you to sell your first produce. It will enable you not to harvest the fruits to a spoil.

There are many ways to sell. Location, industrialization, and government policies all play parts. However it will be ideal if you put the produce out online. is a online market, where you can sell your oranges. If you have juice producing companies around, it will be as speedy as you could not imagine.

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