How To Handle Extremely Emotional Women

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Every single man can relate to that feeling where one woman you know is angry at you for whatever reason you cannot fathom or perhaps for reasons that are at best insignificant. The reasons for the anger could be as trivial as failing to read her mind or forgetting to call her all day. And as common with these types of anger, the reasons are not pent up anger and are mostly unnecessary and trivial which may result in an explosive situation.


The situation is better avoided than allowed as you can picture her completely angry as she is seething with annoyance and willing to make you pay for your indiscretion. At this point, nothing you do will appear good to her and that’s when you get to realise that the girl standing in front of you is overly emotional. Well, I’ve been in those shoes of yours more than once and for this reason, I’ve learnt and developed a thick skin to their actions. Join me as I walk you through some great ways of handling your woman when she begins to throw such tantrums.

Better dead than fearful
Always have it at the back of your mind that it will do you no good to be afraid of her and her antics. Don’t be emotionally whipped because you’re crazy about her as tolerating the verbal and sometimes physical abuse would harm you more than you can fathom. Ditch the fear and embrace the alpha male character that is innately present in you.

Dismiss her complaints
This is a very good way of putting her in her place. When inconsequential issues arise and you know she’s wrong by the way she went about it, you owe her a duty to prove to her that she is wrong. Though you will get to learn that women are especially knowledgeable in switching the subject and cause of the quarrel and you might even get to realise later that you both have digressed from the cause of the argument to what you said in the process of the argument. They are so good at this that they are whip up sentiments just to make you feel bad.
Take for instance a situation where you both find yourselves arguing in public, you are at a great disadvantage as she would probably whip up sentiments from people around who will rush to her defense. If she ends up crying while you both are at it, then you’re in trouble as no one wants to know what happened but wants to hold you responsible for the state she’s in. Thus, the best thing for you to do if you ever decide to argue is to avoid raising your voice. Remember not to lose your temper and never ever allow her to change the subject as this would help put her in her place.

Ignore her
Biologically, women are wired to have fluctuating moods due to various hormonal surges that occur from time to time in their systems. The sooner you get to realise that  most of the issues that trigger negative reactions in her are not really the cause and that the cause mostly lies with her hormones and ovaries, the better for you. It is normal for women to experience these emotional fluctuations up until they are in their late 40’s and close to menopause when they even become crazier.

Of course, you can choose to pamper her and in that way help reduce the quarrels or go the other way and avoid dealing with her in such crazy moods. Opting for the latter doesn’t make you a devil in anyway as it is expected that most girls would have female friends with whom she can discuss those issues with and who can relate well with how she’s feeling at that point in time. And if she takes out her frustrations on you, simply ignore and walk away as paying attention would only help complicate matters.

Women love to revel in male attention and when you fail to give her that, she gets the idea that she’s not worthy of your attention whenever she behaves in an untoward manner. In simple terms, leave her to tend to herself when she’s acting crazy and spoil her when she’s calm and ready to rationalise issues.

Walk away
Well, if you’re the type that gets pissed off easily, then walking away seems to be the best decision for you. Walking away passes an important message across to the woman that any form of irrational behavior or attitude would not be accepted by you. Always make it known that if things don’t pan out well, you can take a walk especially if she continues to test your patience and act irrationally. Unfortunately, this has a resultant effect in the divorce rate of today as a whole lot of men aren’t up to tolerating irrational behaviour from their spouses. This may be the reason why some men don’t want to get married at all or even prefer to stay alone.
Unfortunately, some countries such as Canada and Australia, have laws stating that “after a certain period of time has passed in a romantic relationship (the exact definition of which is up to the judge to decide), you are considered married to a woman”. With such laws in mind, it means any woman that stays with you for a certain period of time is entitled to half of your acquisition whether you’re married or not. Obviously, laws like this are meant to protect women from marriage rates that have been on a downward slip for a while now. This makes it quite hard to leave once you have put in quite a bit in the relationship.

Nonetheless, remember that you will suffer for it if you allow any woman blackmail you emotionally. Live life the real way by giving the best of you to those you love who have reciprocated your gesture by being true to themselves and not because you’re arm twisted.



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