How To Harness The Power Of Gratitude For Evolved Leaders In 4 Easy Steps

1. Provide positive reinforcement. Nothing says “ignore me” or “disrespect me” quite like nagging or making someone feel inferior. When you wish to inspire great change, show your gratitude by amplifying your reactions to positive progress. Give praise for a job well done. Be empathetic of others and their needs when giving feedback. This does not mean ignore bad behavior, but do not fight fire with fire — there is a reason we have water.

2. Be mindful of yourself and your own actions. This one speaks volumes. Setting a poor example will only deliver poor results. Lead by example at all times and take full responsibility for your actions. Think and act from a place of peace, integrity and abundance. Showing your gratitude for your position of power and ability to serve others will only increase your appeal. The reward will be a well-deserved balance, fulfillment and more harmonious interactions, among other riches.

3. Turn criticism into words of encouragement. I liken this step to spinning straw into gold. It might seem impossible, but if you can master this, nothing can stand between you and your vision. You can inspire beyond measure when you motivate others with gratitude and appreciation. There is no need to dwell on a job done incorrectly, though it may be addressed clearly one time.

Instead, position your feedback in conjunction with positive reinforcement (see No. 1). Be direct with ways to help others improve, and relate that to them in ways they will benefit. Imagine they are thinking, “What’s in it for me?” For example, consider using a modification of this statement: “I would greatly appreciate it if you did your very best on ‘X’ project, as you did in the past, because it means ‘Y’ to the company and equals more ‘Z’ for you.” Transparency will also take you far in this instance.


4. Never bicker. Your time is precious, as is the time of those around you, so value it accordingly. Show your gratitude with respectful communication at all times. Be direct when seeking to make a change, and propose solutions to problems you wish to address. Do not simply spout off a list of negative bullet points and expect a positive outcome. Be courteous when speaking and attentive when listening. With such a regal demeanor and benevolent mission, one cannot fail.

A quote with impact by Rumi sums up the last one well. Let this help you remember the final step and support you as you lead with gratitude at the forefront of your thoughts: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

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