How to Improve Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important basic human needs, and unfortunately, Americans just do not get enough of it. A good quality night’s sleep can change the whole day ahead, how well the body works and effect moods dramatically. So how can sleep be improved? This piece will take a look at what things can be done to improve sleep and small changes that can be made to help.


 “Sleep has four stages and understanding how they work is important to improve sleep!”


 Sleep and the Four Stages


To improve sleep, first sleep must be understood! There are four stages of sleep, the fourth stage being the deeply rested state that helps aid recovery and facilitates rest. So, what are the other stages for?


 Stage One of Sleep  


Stage one of sleep is where the body is just starting to drift off to sleep from being awake and may flip between the two. The body also might experience involuntary movements such as jerking motions (which can sometimes cause the body to wake up startled).

Ideally, this stage does not take very long and offers a smooth transition into stage two.


Stage Two of Sleep


Stage two is the body experiencing a “light sleep”, where the body is starting to stabilize its sleeping, slowing down the heartbeat and breathing. This prepares the body to relax further, and brain waves slowly become less active.


 Stage Three to Four of Sleep


Stage three see’s the body entering a deep sleep state, where resting properly begins and stage four is the final sleep destination, where the body does its best work relaxing and healing, repairing muscles, and restoring cellular energy. This is also the stage where it is typically difficult to wake someone up!



“Follow some simple suggestions to help drift off into a peaceful slumber.”



 What Can Help Improve Sleep?


There are many tried and tested means of sleep aids, but sleep improvement also starts with the basics. Meditation is a significant influence when it comes to getting through stage one to two. It is difficult to sleep with a mind buzzing full of thoughts, so focusing on breathing can help the body sleep into the stages with ease.

sleeping child
sleeping child

Being mindful of what goes in the body is also an essential factor. Drinking alcohol before bed can disturb sleep, along with other stimulants such as coffee and sugar. Also, food that is difficult to digest will keep the body working hard when it should be winding down.


Using a supplement is common to help aid sleep quality now, with CBD being the latest compound of interest. Either use a CBD oil or sprinkle some hemp seeds CBD over something easy to digest like a small bowl of oats, to help send the body off into that peaceful slumber.


And finally, indulging in a bath is another excellent and easy way to improve the quality of sleep. The hot water in the bath has a profound effect on the body’s core temperature, prepping it for a peaceful slumber as a lower temperature signal to the body that it is time to rest.


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