How To Keep Your Hair From Ever Breaking After Braiding


There are considerable benefits of wearing braids and twists. Some that come to mind are: Ease of style; you can literally just get up and go more often than not while your hair is in braids or twists, saving time and energy on the daily. But after a month or two you start to feel you are loosing your front hair and gradually you entire hair.

To avoid hair breakage below are 6 tips you should follow:

1. Make sure you don’t put a large hair extension on a small patch of hair. The pulling impact could lead to breakage.

2. Plait your hair without using extensions, e.g. by doing corn rows or single plaits and twists with your own hair only.

3.If you do use extensions, consider corn rowing the hair on the front edge. It tends to be more prone to breakage.

4.Ensure you treat your hair just as well in braids as you do when it’s not. This means washing, deep conditioning and moisturizing every 7 to 1o days.

5.Continue to spritz it with water twice daily. This will ensure that when you unbraid the hair it’s not dry and brittle.

6.Don’t go from one set of braids straight into a new set; have a break of at least 2 weeks between braids.

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