How to Learn New Modern Job Skills Unconventionally

In a world that is increasingly reliant upon complex job skills and education, countless people are finding it more difficult than ever to find steady employment. In Nigeria and throughout the world, the pressures of the modern workforce are making it an absolute necessity to hone and improve job skills for the modern era in order to remain financially successful.

Fundamentally, the growth in traditional education through university instruction is fueling a massive upheaval in virtually all economic sectors. From agriculture and finance to mining and healthcare, the need for millions of newly-trained, skilled workers is larger than ever – and growing by the day.

Ultimately, a formal university education isn’t right for everybody. Whether it be due to time constraints, logistical hurdles or financial inability, some people simply cannot pursue education in a traditional manner. However, that doesn’t mean that these individuals cannot hone their skills and acquire new abilities in the 21st century.

Below are several examples of how anybody can learn new job skills relevant to today’s economy through unconventional means.

Accelerated Online Degree Programs

When traditional university instruction isn’t an option, there is always an alternative: online degree programs. A wide variety of accredited colleges and universities offer online instruction in lieu of traditional in-person classes, making it possible for individuals to pursue their future careers while working, raising children or handling any of the other major hurdles in life.

Accelerated online degree programs in particular can be a useful method for quickly obtaining a formal education through unconventional means. Many accelerated online degree programs require at least some previous university instruction, but can allow individuals to graduate with a four-year degree in two years or less.

Take the field of nursing as one prominent example. Nigeria currently has a shortage of over 100,000 nurses: those seeking to obtain future job security may consider online ABSN programs as a way to ensure such. These accredited online ABSN programs for nursing students can prepare workers for a new career in nursing – and generally in a quicker timeframe than through conventional instruction methods.


Studying for long periods of time in a particular field before having first-hand experience in the job can be a risky gambit. After all, a student may discover that they are not as interested or passionate about the job in reality as they expected they would be during their years of pursuing education. This can be a major disappointment – but it can also be avoided through the use of apprenticeships.

For those who already have a bit of experience, knowledge or instruction in a particular field, finding an apprenticeship program is rather easy. Even for those with little to no prior experience, apprenticeship programs often make exceptions and allow novices to enroll in the program. Providing students with an ability to learn skills in hands-on settings, the quality of instruction provided by apprenticeships often surpasses that of traditional learning methods.

Additionally, a large majority of apprentices ultimately retain their initial jobs. This makes the process very efficient, as it can be both a method of instruction and a way to secure employment.

Online Skill Courses

While formal education and training are immensely useful in our modern economy and society, they are by no means the only options available to students, workers and the general public. Thanks to the revolutionary nature of the internet, online skill instruction can now be accessed by virtually anybody – and without the need to enroll in a university or college.

A variety of online skill course providers such as Skillshare, Udemy and Codecademy offer hundreds of unique one-time and recurring classes designed to foster new skills. From learning about programming to mastering the nature of marketing, online skill courses give people the opportunity to learn specific skill sets that are directly relevant to specific occupations.

While you won’t find online ABSN programs or MBA programs through such services, the reduced complexity, lower cost and specific focus of skill courses can help individuals delve more deeply into unique requirements for select jobs and industries.

Local Vocational Institutes

Not everybody desires to work behind a desk or in a cramped office. In fact, most workers have to find occupations that do not involve these environments, or else our modern way of life would cease to exist. Skilled trade workers ensure that everything from automobiles to plumbing works as intended in day-to-day life. As such, pursuing a career through a vocational institute (or trade school) is a noble and meaningful way to pursue job skills in an unconventional capacity.

With several dozen certified vocational institutes in Nigeria alone, there are many options for prospective workers seeking to improve their job skills. From business and financial institutes to electrical and engineering trade schools, these learning environments provide a more affordable route to formal education in fields that are often desperately needed in many communities.

Click here to see a list of approved vocational schools and institutes in Nigeria.

Simple Reading

Not everybody has access to the financial or logistical requirements to learn via select conventional or unconventional means. Nevertheless, history is filled with great minds honing their skills through the simple task of reading. Local libraries and bookstores are filled with helpful educational resources that can improve modern-day job skills in a variety of areas.

Whether the goal is to pursue a career in engineering, business or manufacturing, many free or low-cost resources already exist. Even in the absence of local libraries, the internet has a plethora of free instructional materials, advice, communities and past experiences that can help prospective job-seekers learn new skills without having to commit to large blocks of time or spend lots of money.

While this age-old method of learning new skills doesn’t necessarily provide an opportunity to receive formal recognition for such efforts, many employers are more than willing to hire individuals who can demonstrate core knowledge of needed talents. Additionally, this form of learning can be highly valuable to prospective entrepreneurs.

Not everybody has to attend a physical university in order to advance their job prospects and learn modern skills. These five methods offer flexibility to anybody who wants to hone their talents and ensure a secure, competitive place in tomorrow’s economic climate.

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