How To Personalize Your Public Relations

A business must grow with the times to flourish, but preserve its identity to exist. This is the conflict that industries such as public relations have faced in recent years. The internet has changed the way people view news, absorb information and interact with one another. Like many other fields, PR has followed the public into this new digital space. However, the digital world puts worlds of distance between us. PR professionals must embrace the new medium, but close that gap and continue to create genuine, close, personal relationships to succeed. Public relations is dependent on personal connections.

A Personal Touch In The Digital Age

To effectively operate in this field, you must be able to connect with clients, as well as members of the media and journalists, on a deeper level than clicking “send.” Paired with results, meaningful relationships are essential to attain and retain clientele. If you emotionally relate to your clients, they’ll be wholeheartedly loyal to your firm. Additionally, media connections are a requirement to deliver results in publicity. In order to leverage relationships, you must form and maintain them. People don’t form long-lasting relationships over an impersonal phone call or generalized email. Building friendships requires effort and care, in the flesh. When you take the time to maintain the relationships you have, you will gain far more than the time you spend.

Effective Reach Over Extensive Reach


Modern technology enables us to quickly reach many individuals at a time, but it doesn’t allow us to reach them emotionally. If you deliver your messages personally, those messages will have a greater impact on your target. This is true for any audience you communicate with. Don’t rely on bots and mass messages to form a long-lasting connection. Doing so is the equivalent of showing up to a party, announcing your presence and immediately running from the room. In any industry, you need to stick around to network. Personally reach out to people and have a two-way conversation to increase your connection base.

Put Business Second To Put Business First

Discuss matters outside of business with your clients and associates. Your relationships must be greater than the business in order to serve the business. If you strictly speak about business, people will not feel any deeper loyalty toward you and your firm. In contrast, when you’re personable and initiate friendly conversations, your conversation partners will be more inclined to serve you, whether that means paying for your services, publishing an article upon your request or any other way you may require. Your personality and friendships make a great difference in public relations and in life.

Know Who You’re Talking To Before You Talk To Them

No one appreciates a generalized mass message. People value different topics and incentives. Do your homework, and learn what your desired client or news source likes and dislikes so you can personalize your message, conversation and tactics. If you find your desired client has a particular interest, discuss it with them. Invite them to places you know they’ll enjoy. Don’t leave your success to chance. When you do the research, you show you care, and you increase your odds. Personalized messages are significantly more effective in achieving goals.

Public Relations Are Personal Relations.

The entire PR industry revolves around personal exchanges. Relations are ingrained in the field’s identity, and that identity remains the same, regardless of how society has changed. For PR specialists to thrive, they must research their target audience and personally deliver personal messages. In a world where everyone depends on technology to communicate, break down digital walls to keep business personal, and your results will reflect your efforts.


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