in Congratulates President Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari today

Buhari today

Today, the 31st of March 2015 marks a historical moment in the diary of Nigerians. Since democracy was instituted in the country as a system of governance, there has never been a period when an opposition party has amassed this magnitude of support against the ruling party. This also breaks the jinx of an opposing party defeating an incumbent president. It was a breath-taking victory that entailed a huge sacrifice from the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who worked all year round mapping out strategies to win the hearts of the electorates which they have successfully done. The team salutes the resilience of General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) who successfully endured the rigorous campaign demands despite his age and also overcame the gimmicks of politics played on him by the ruling party. He has revived the democratic spirit of Nigerians who have over the years developed apathy for politics in Nigeria. Today, Nigerians have spoken in diverse voices but the message is clear. He is the chosen one picked by majority of Nigerians to lead the people to the right course after a record of political and economic oppression from the People’s Democratic Party.

The wind of positive change is severely blowing, taking Nigerians by surprise. This can be likened to the Wild West Wind. It helps the people in easing stress after work; it gives them a sense of relaxation and rest of mind. It also dries of their tears and blows away the irregularities of the society. This same wild helps to form a defensive mechanism that attacks the enemies of the people through its fierce nature. It also serves as an avenue of fun for growing children who enjoy the rush of breeze of the wind. This expression is highly poetic and it depicts the true image and sincere desires of this great Nigerian called Muhammadu Buhari. He has been termed as the Nelson Mandela of Nigeria and I will also like to refer to him as the Nigerian Abraham Lincoln who has come to lead us out of the wilderness just like Moses in the bible. His recent ascension to the highest post in Nigeria will be widely used by motivational speakers to lift the spirit of youths facing life challenges. He was widely termed a serial failure but he never gave up until he achieved his desire at the retiring age of 72. That’s a massive testimony that will forever stand the test of time.

Now that elections have ended, we strongly hope he responds promptly to the ailing conditions in Nigeria ranging from power problems, social infrastructure, health, corruption, security as well as the ever increasing rate of youth employment and a host of other pressing issues. We urge all Nigerians to stand up to back him up regardless of their choice of candidates. The elections brewed so much bitterness but it is normal to have differences in the course of making vital decisions of greatness. We still remain Nigerians. We are still one, our identity cannot change and wherever we go, no other place can be like home. We urge you, President Muhammadu Buhari to forgive all the antagonists who might have assassinated your character in one way or the other. These are occurrences that are normally attached to competitive situations. You have the mantle of leadership now, the future of Nigeria in the next four years lie in your hands and we strongly urge you to lead us unto greatness as we have hoped for since independence. We as Nigerians promise to support and stand by you. We pray to God to give you the strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to change the course of Nigeria with your able team of change.

This is the dawn of a new era and we want to welcome everyone to the new Nigeria where we can always boast of this sense of belonging to the state and a great feeling of unshaken loyalty to the government just like citizens in developed countries.

Today puts an end to the rumours, derogatory articles/statements, the dirty fights, unintelligent memes on the social media and in the streets. Nigerians are urged to come back again as one family with the same desire to take the country to the summit. Post election violence should be shunned, the life of every citizen matters to the country. Together we will make this great country an object of envy of other developed countries. For the aged citizens, this election victory can be likened to that of the independence of the country won on the 1st of October in 1960.

The live coverage offered by Channels today shows Nigeria still has some very witty, sensible and mature people in this country. People who have problem-solving skills, understanding of our unique issues and have brilliant analysis and answers. There is a huge hope for the country. We just need a change of perception. Our mentality has to experience a paradigm shift. Before we can change the society or the world, we have to change ourselves. Change begins from us. Change is all we need, change is all we believe in, and change is the key to unlock the great potentials of the country. The change is here. Welcome to the dawn of a new era, a new Nigeria of betterment.

God bless our new President Muhammadu Buhari.


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