I Can’t Be Him, I’m Not Fela — Femi Kuti

Afrobeat musician and scion of the legendary Afrobeat pioneer, Femi Kuti, has cautioned the individuals who endeavored to name him the new Fela to cease, saying he would never be like his father, Fela Kuti and would never attempt to be like him.

Femi, who is a two-time Grammy Award nominee said he admired the huge work his father did when he was alive and respects his success in music across the globe, he has never wanted to be like his father, adding that he would only want to be himself and nobody else.

Over the years, Femi has been dragged by his fans to step into Fela’s shoes but the Afro beat king said he didn’t want to be like anybody else. According to him, trying to be another person would be a recipe for failure.

Last week, on Twitter, Femi was once again dragged into the matter when a fan described Falz The Bad Guy as the new Fela, following the release of his new controversial single, entitled Talk which, criticised transactional sex.


Femi was forced to comment on the controversy surrounding the song when a Twitter user suggested that Falz is the new Fela.

The fan had twitted that“@falzthebadguy is simply the modern day Abami Eda of our generation.

He went further to call out Femi saying it was a pity he could not pull the strings his father left behind farther.

After reading the comment, Femi would not have any of it as he replied the Twitter user, saying he had said it several times that he doesn’t want to be Fela.

Reacting to the fan, Femi said: “Pity for you ni o. I’ve said it several times; I probably will have to repeat till I die, I don’t want to be my father. I love him, I honour him, I respect him, but I want to be me. I love being me Femi Anikulapo-Kuti. And I totally appreciate myself and my being.”

Meanwhile, critics have accused Falz for shaming women who sleep with men and expect to be paid but having nothing to say about men who employ the services of sex workers.

Explaining his reason for going tough on sex workers in the song which has re-awakened criticisms towards the lawyer-turned rapper over his stand regarding prostitution or slut shaming, Falz said he hated transactional sex.


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