ICYMI: Nigeria Ranks As Happiest Country In Africa

According to the most recent World Happiness Report, Nigeria is the happiest country in Africa and ranks 102nd globally.

This ranking is released against a backdrop of numerous economic, social, and political issues influencing Nigerians’ well-being.

The World Happiness Report, a reputable global study, rates countries based on a variety of well-being indicators, including economic strength, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and views of corruption. The report is a tool for measuring people’s happiness and quality of life around the world.

Nigeria’s ranking of 102nd place is a modest drop from 95th place the year before. This shift reflects the continuous problems and developments in the country.

Despite this, Nigeria remains ahead of some of its African competitors, including Kenya (114th), Benin (116th), Ghana (120th), and Togo (124th). According to the research, Afghanistan ranks at the bottom of the list, at number 143.

According to the survey, economic, social, and environmental factors all have an impact on happiness levels. For Nigeria, they include the state of the economy, the availability of social support for individuals, and public trust in government institutions.

Furthermore, a sense of community and shared cultural values contribute significantly to the nation’s overall satisfaction.

The top ten happiest countries in the world, according to the 2024 World Happiness Report, are:

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Sweden
5. Israel
6. Netherlands
7. Norway
8. Luxembourg
9. Switzerland
10. New Zealand

A reminder that the countries on the list are ranked according to how people in each country perceive their own lives.

The research considers factors such as how much money they have, how healthy they are, if they have friends or family to assist them, whether they feel free to make their own decisions, and how they see their government. Finland has topped this ranking for the past seven years running.

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