Identical Twins Rosemary And Christina Defeating Albinism Through Fashion

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Never care too much about what people will say, because you might end up using your whole life to please them without achieving anything. These twins have both overcome their colour pigment issue and are proud of their skin regardless of what people think.

The chances of a child being born with albinism are one in 17,000 – but the chances of twins being born with albinism is far rarer – the odds are not even known.

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Identical twins Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi Ajiboye are part of this rare club. Fashion-obsessed, the twins want to inspire people born with albinism to be proud of the skin they are born in.

The 24-year-olds were born with the rare genetic condition, which is caused by a partial or complete lack of melanin, the pigment, which gives hair, skin and eyes their colour.

The sisters aren’t just twins, they are best friends and through their love of fashion, they want people to know that identity is not one type of beauty.

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