Import These Five Products To Nigeria, Sell And Make Profit

You know that feeling when a neighbor, friend or customer calls out, “importer”, from afar and in a public place, and everyone including you turns back only for it to be you who is been called and waved at. That feeling of fame, pride, fulfillment and happiness…in fact, as a typical Nigerian, you get this feeling that extra pads have been added to your shoulders and at that time…you are flying without wings.

In recent times, every young lad wants to become an importer. Somehow, they are interested in the importation of goods either from China, USA, UK and so on. Well, business minded Nigerians are venturing into this business because it brings in good profit. The market is large, from adults to teens and babies to males and females, everyone has wants, so there are always people who wants to make a purchase. Also, our very own Dangote built his empire via buying and selling, so why would we not engage in buying and selling too, as there is enough space for all to engage in it.

So, if you are interested in commerce, especially when it comes to importing and selling locally, with your capital at hand, find out the right products to sell, imagine you order for sweaters at the time no one needs them because of the hot/dry season, you would not lay blames on anyone, would you? Also, check for the right places/sites to throw your money into and ask people who are into this business for help and advice.

Sometimes, it can be very mathematical…lol, mathematical as in you have to be very smart. You need to know and have a list of your good friends, relatives and neighbors who would always pay for goods bought from you, since they are likely to be your first customers whether you like it or not. Also, you would need to be sure of your market, this sounds impossible though but you really can, for example, what is trending helps you find out what your goods should be. We have the denim trending, it would be a nice idea to have denim on your list of items to buy and sell, what do you think?

Meanwhile, we had a research carried out on fast selling products in Nigeria and we were able to categorize them for easy digestion. Here it goes:

Household items:

  • Sweet scented candles – we all like sweet smelling homes you know. You feel welcomed and relaxed as soon as you walk into a sweet scented home. It is never difficult to eat and drink in a sweet scented home.
  • Cookers – cookers helps get our meals ready on time. As busy as our moms, wives and sisters can be, cookers are a support. They all want one.
  • Beddings – when your bed sheet or spread is soft, beautiful, clean and well laid, the resultant effect is always a sound sleep. Everyone wants a sound sleep.
  • Electric bulbs – hmm…how scary it is to stay in the dark but with fanciful and attractive bulbs spreading out lights in the home, outside the home surroundings and offices, everything is sure to radiate.
  • Rechargeable/solar lamps – you know how it is with our power sector now, who would not ask for these please?

Fashion items:

  • Hair extensions – ladies love these attachments for their hair and their looks.
  • Wrist watches – even though everyone own at least one, with the trends of colors and shapes/styles, one seem not to be enough. Everyone tends to wear various stuffs as far as wrist watches are concerned, in fact, the ladies and gentlemen are into this color blocking thing, everyone wants one.
  • Clothes and shoes – you can never get it wrong when you buy good clothes and shoes to sell. From shirts to dresses, trousers, trending pants, blazers and then the shoes. You just can never go wrong.
  • Bags – you know how ladies love bags now, especially classy ones and even the guys now are beginning to have something with bags, like the back bags. For the ladies, oh please, all the colors would do. They want all.
  • Fabrics – it is not as if we do not have good fabrics here but those ones coming in are kind of unique for that occasion you have to dress to kill. Everyone wants at least one unique fabric.
  • Cosmetics – ladies makeup items, brushes and other beauty kits are a must have for them. Do not forget to get quality ones and see that all you need is availability of products, for the customers will not stop coming.


  • Fumigating machines – With all the deadly fever caused by rats, mosquitoes and what else? Anyways, this sells these days as people are buying for their personal use, others are venturing into the fumigation business because those who can afford it wants their environment fumigated, no one wants to fall sick.
  • Vacuum cleaners – we would have loved to add this up on the household item, but obviously, an item for the rich, hence people who tend to want this are those in the cleaning business or those who can afford it and as it is, everyone wants a clean home.
  • Generators – until our power system gets better, everyone in Nigeria even the Government house needs one.
  • Generator parts – having a generator is not the issue, having its parts working well is the real issue as without one or more parts, the generator is useless. If you own a generator, you need to have necessary parts handy such as the plug. The generator mechanics always needs these parts handy to.

Motor vehicle parts:

  • Car batteries – every car owner has to have one, even an extra for a rainy day.
  • Car stereos and speakers – even commercial bus drivers wants one. For news, entertainment, music, traffic information or even jokes, the car stereo gives all while driving, especially in Lagos where heavy traffic is a big issue.
  • Motorcycle/tricycle parts – motorcycle, popularly known as “okada”, is used in every part of the country. They develop faults like every time. With this in mind, these parts should be in your list as they are so wanted.

Mobile phone devices:

  • Phone – most Nigerians have a phone today, as you know, Nigerians are never tired of buying this item. Just look into the market carefully and see the phone everyone wants to buy, then import, get it to your market and sell. Simple.
  • Phone accessories – from pouches to chargers, ear phones, headsets, screen guards, power banks and more, the market is a large one. Get quality ones, with very unique and fanciful designs and hey,…you are in for the profit.

Lastly, for special customers like the clinics and hospitals, you could also import clinical and laboratory instruments as far as you have them to supply. Also, sport equipment for sport men and women that love fitness.

All the best as you choose the products that makes huger profits in Nigeria.


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