Very Important!! 2 Essential Things Lovers Should Know About Engagement

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If you fall in love with the right person and somehow avoid all pitfalls that people face in the early months of a relationship, then, surely an engagement can’t be too far off, right?

So you and that sweetheart of yours reach the phase of your relationship, where the obvious, right thing to do is come together as one, and form a glorious matrimonial bond.

When a proposal is made and accepted, it might feel like everything is done, dusted and settled.

This is not the case and as a matter of fact, here are the two things to pay attention to, especially after your engagement.

Your wedding plans come after your life plans

After your proposal, you have maybe two months [at least] before the wedding day.

Do not be too consumed by the wedding plans to the extent of losing touch with your lover.

It is advisable to spend time alone, go on dates where you do not talk about the wedding. Let it be just about the both of you for those few hours.

That way, you talk more about the life you want for each other in the marriage. You also go over plans again and remind each other of how deep your love for one another is.

Ask more questions

The period between your engagement and wedding should be used to clear more issues between you and your partner.

As crazy and ridiculous and it might sound to people, breaking up at the point of engagement is a lot better than divorcing for irreconcilable differences.

Use the period between your engagement and wedding ceremony to settle your issues. Even if the particular differences have once been discussed, bring them up again, and clear them further.

Does he still want to have three kids as he said four months ago, or has he somehow changed it to five?

Has she found a way to make peace with the fact that you snore, or has she thought about it again and discovered that she actually cannot?

You need to revisit these matters; to be sure that nothing has changed.

Not all surprises are pleasant.


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