Incredible!! From house-keeping to house owning

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The girl captured in these spectacular shots is Amaka.  A house help who had been dreaming of becoming a model and practiced often in front of the mirror as her only source of motivation. Growing up in dire poverty, she recounts going days without food and water in the village, she describes her displaced siblings who she hasn’t seen in years as they had gone on to become maids in the major cities to avoid starving to death.  She also opted to move to Lagos in search of a life, any kind of life.

She stayed true to her beliefs inspite of her location, direction and reflection.

Her modelling dreams would become a reality when Anny Robert visited a friend meaning to drop off a birthday gift. Amaka unwittingly walked past him to her Aunt’s flat with a crate of eggs on her head dressed down in a black vest and jeans; an idea was birthed right there in that moment!

And a life became changed!! You wouldnt know when it is your turn.

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