inDriver: Here Is Why You Should Try the New Ride-Hailing App

inDriver is a transport network company operating in more than 200 cities in 26 countries with about 29 million users.

The ride-hailing company launched its services in Nigeria in August, making it the fifth market in Africa alongside Kenya, Uganda, South- Africa and Tanzania. 

While there are established names in the railing-hailing business in Nigeria, it is evident that most of the current big names are fast becoming commodities and are not really offering any differentiated values, thereby giving room for further disruption in the Nigerian market. 

For instance, current ride-hailing apps in Nigeria operate a model where transport fares are determined at the end of trips, and only by the companies. There have been instances where riders got the shock of their lives on the eventual fares they were to pay on getting to their destinations. Seye, had requested a ride with one of the two big names from Magodo to Lekki on a rainy, trafficked Tuesday morning. All through the journey, he contemplated ending the trip and finding alternatives for the fear of being overcharged due to the heavy traffic, but he did not.   Imagine the shock when he had to pay N10, 000 on getting to Lekki. This is no different from the experiences of most riders.

One thing is certain, the current model operated by these big guns is a huge disadvantage to riders who are often cost-sensitive and might be low on cash per time, since they are totally unaware of their fares till the end of trips. 

With inDriver, you determine your fare before the trip

If there is any reason Lagosians should try InDriver, it is the fact that it launched with a unique proposition that challenges the status quo and completely empowers the riders to determine their fares before trips. After inputting the pickup point and destination, a rider gets to propose a fee he/she is willing to pay and gets to negotiate with drivers until a suitable fee is agreed. Hence, the issue of surge that jacks up fares does not apply and the shock element is totally removed.

inDriver carefully blends the normal traditional taxi model with technology, giving more power to the riders in the entire value chain.


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