Instagram Cracks Down On Coronavirus Augmented Reality Effects


American photo and video-sharing social networking service, Instagram which is also owned by Facebook has begun a crack down on Coronavirus AR effects.

Instagram said it did so in an effort to stop the increase of propaganda about the novel Coronavirus disease that’s spreading through its increased reality effects.

The Organization added in an update to its AR creators’ Facebook group that it has removed already-published AR effects and will discard any pending requests for effects that claim to predict, diagnose, treat, or cure the COVID-19.

Instagram said it will also not allow users to search for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, AR effects on Instagram unless they are developed with a known health organization.

A couple of fear-inspiring filters have questioned Instagram users if they have the virus or directly talked about panic-buying as a result of the deadly virus.

More than its AR effects, Instagram also directs people to highly regarded sources of information about the virus when they search some certain hashtags.

You will recall that Instagram had in January blocked and restrict hashtags that spreads misinformation and also removed posts that advertised fake cures or prevention methods.

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