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Interview With Pastor Victor Olukoju (PVO) Pioneer Of WAIT Int’l. At The #StarsConnect Studio

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Pastor Victor Olukoju (PVO) is the CEO of WAIT Int’l. The Provost of Sexual Purity Academy SPA.

A Husband, A Father, an Author, Actor, Graphic Designer & Publisher, Writer, Director, and Producer who has written so many christian movies like “Left Over”, “A Candle In The Wind” and many more.

Pator Victor Olujoku (PVO) is very passionate about sexual purity and also spreading the gospel of the most high to the youths in every way he can.

He is an inspiration to youths and his work towards making the world a better place is very much appreciated.

Having the man of God in the house was a lot of fun.

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L-R: Pastor Victor Olukoju, with CEO Jetheights Services Ltd, Mr Ayo Alex Alao


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L-R: CEO Jetheights Services Ltd, Mr Ayo Alex Alao with Pastor Victor Olukoju
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Pastor Victor Olukoju
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Left To Right: Mr Mathew Ogunsina, Omotoyosi Bamidele, Pastor Victor Olukoju, Yetunde Jimoh
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Left: Yetunde Jimoh, Right: Omotoyosi Bamidele

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And he was able to tell us more about him, his journey so far, and particularly his upcoming events ‘Letter From My Father’ and the premier of ‘Akobi Laaroye’ packaged into one.

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Interviewer: Let’s get to know you better sir…

PVO: My name is Pastor Victor Olukoju which can be shortened to PVO, a lot of people call me that. I do so many things, I remember one day my daughter came back from school and said daddy who are you? Because they asking her in school what does your father do and she was like what should I tell them. I write books, I make movies, I am a producer, a missionary, a preacher, pastor, husband and a father.

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Interviewer: What is it like to be an actor, author and a publisher?

PVO: It is not really a big deal, it is just doing what God has sent me to do. All of them are mutually inclusive, before you say you want to act, there must be a story and when there is a story there is a screenplay etc. They work together hand in hand, so sometimes you are functioning as a preacher and other parts of the calling for me. I think it is a wonderful thing.

Interviewer: Your journey through faith, how you got called and how it has been ever since?

PVO: (sigh) It is a long story, I gave my life to Christ about 30years ago after finishing from school. I worked a bit in Ibadan before moving to lagos, I had this passion to preach the gospel in which I prayed about and knew that God wanted me to do that on a full time basis as at that time, so I discussed it with my ministry then the church I fellowshipped with and I was sent for a training with calvary ministeries, that was the first indigenous mission ministry in Nigeria. I was there in Jos for a year training as a missionary then I got married and was sent to Ghana to permanent the work of our church and I left with my wife to Ghana, we were there for 10 years plus before the lord said it is time to move so another person can continue where I stopped. So we had to come back lagos and was in lagos for 7years and there about until the lord said it was time to move again and then we came to Ibadan. We have been in Ibadan for more than 2 years now and that has been the quite interesting journey. Three of our children are all in the mission field, it could be challenging especially as a permanent missionary. I can’t tell you the whole story because of our time.

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PVO And Wife, Franca Olukoju

Interviewer: What has been your greatest weakness and strength as a pastor?

PVO: I pastored within the four wall of the church, I still pastor but church without walls because I have many people that I teach the word of God . I don’t know what to call strength and I don’t know what to call weakness but I will say it is good to remember you are a man because the best of all names can do the worst of all things apart from grace. The bible says “he that thinketh he stands should take heed so that he will not fall” so the fact that I am man and I can fall keeps me in check to stay under the grace of God .You know sometimes when you have your phone in a particular area, there are some areas where you can’t find network not because your phone isn’t working, it is because you are outside coverage. Some time it is possible to move out of coverage areas of God as a person and when you get to that place some people will say (“O.Y.O”). OYO is your case which means you are on your own, so to me I will say it is one of the things that keeps me moving. Strength is something I can’t really point out, so I won’t refer to anything as strength. It is just grace that is keeping us moving.

Interviewer: List of movies produced and directed and books written and published

PVO: Over ten books and i can’t remember all but there is “22 ways to say no to sex before marriage”, “33 reasons to say no to sex before marriage”, “The sweetness and the sourness”, “letter to my daughter”, “letter to my son”, “letter from my father”, “Why are you not married” etc. If you look at all those books they are focused on youths because that is my area of calling, passion, that is, my focus. I try not to deviate from it. For movies I have directed couple of them the other day I got a call from the federal university of technology, the Christian community there called me to come and train them and direct some of their movies. Debbie’s room, this is one of the major movie I have directed apart from my own ministry movie productions and we have a lot of movies that we have done, the ministry is called Parables Film Production.

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Interviewer: Biggest names of those you’ve worked with in the industry

PVO: I don’t know whose name is bigger apart from Jesus really but there are some people that have been favored by God no doubt, for us that works in the industry. One of the greatest deception you can have is to think that you have arrived, the truth is nobody has arrived. I don’t refer myself to a star but a minister that works under God. By God’s grace, I have worked with someone I can refer to as a father in the lord which is Pastor Mike Bamiloye and his wife and few of the people we work together. Currently I am the national president of Mount Zion Alumni Fellowship.

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Pastor Mrs Gloria Bamidele and husband Pastor Mike Bamiloye

Interviewer: The movie “AkobiAlaaroye”: The inspiration behind it, and the reason for the unique name…

PVO: Have you heard about laaroye before? When you thought about the deity esu laalu, one of the title of esu is esu laaroye, so when you are talking about laaroye you are talking about the devil and when you are talking about akobi you are talking about first born of the devil so that tells you about the kind of movie you are to expect. Originally the movie was an assignment cause twice a year we go to mount zion institutes where I was trained as a movie producer.

Interviewer: What the event “letter from my father” is all about?

PVO: Letter from my father is like our heavenly father speaking to his children. It actually started from letter to my daughter which I did last year and then letter to my son. A brief story on how it all came about: I was writing some stuffs for my daughter (I have three of them) it just occurred to me that we can’t be alive forever and the mouth talking now will not talk forever what is it that you want to leave for your children/daughters (it was a personal thing). I wrote to my daughters for months but at some point, it occurred to me that other people could benefit from it so the idea of social media came about. So I designed a template and posted daily for 61days very short that it can be read in few seconds. First one was 30days, 31days before I knew it, it was all over, people from different countries started talking about it and write to me. I thought after 61days it will be over, but shortly before we finished that I got another ministration to gather the daughters together as many as you can see. Let it be a kind of grand finale, then the advert was pushed to social media to have 61 daughters {event for 61 young ladies} 50 people registered for the programme and the day came, about 300 girls showed up. After that letter to my son came and this year letter from my father. Letter from my father caters for daughters and the sons.

Interviewer: More on the event.

PVO: Lot of people will come that did not register, we cannot turn them down but we are trusting God for a wonderful moment.

Interviewer: Who is SONDA ?(Why the everyday letter uploads)

PVO: Sonda means the combination of son and daughter in a short prefix. It is like my dear son and daughter. So SONDA has now become a kind of personality and we are even trying to create movie around it.


Interviewer: What is the message you are trying to pass across during the programme?

PVO: It is a message of life and social positiveness. It is to address life issues and sexual purity based on the little experience i have had, I discovered that the youths of the 21st century are under hellish siege, it is a terrible siege that even the daughters and sons of Gospel are not exempted, as a matter of fact, it is as if the devil is focusing mainly on the sons. Ranging from drug abuse {A thousand students gathered as a school, I was there for five days, during the counseling there were many cases, like a girl admitting to oral sex because of peer pressure, all her friends were involved but she was the only one left. And she is just 17, they organized a guy for her and they decided on doing oral for her to avoid the main sex. The problem she was having when discussing it with me was that she was finding it difficult to stop} those into lesbianism, masturbation, voyeurism, different kind of sexual immorality and stuffs that are so so bad.

Interviewer: Can you please elaborate on your passion for youths?

PVO: Yes I love the youth, while we were coming back from Ghana I wrote to my pastor to release us not to pastor any church again but to focus on our primary calling. Whenever I am with the youth I am always at my best because I believe that my own judgement will be based upon the assignment that they are sending you to go and preach to. The youths are the 100% of our future, if we lose them, we lose the future, so I go all out to different part of the country and beyond {to secondary schools to primary schools} you don’t have the idea of what those children I  primary schools are up to. It is beyond passion, it is a life calling. Most of my books are based on youths, even movies we have done like the movie “husband of my wife” and more are mostly for youth, so everything that comes out from us are for the youth, even “Akobi Laaroye” you will still get message for the youths.

Interviewer: Advice for youths in general

PVO: It is a simple one that I say over and  over again, “life is once, if you lose it, you have lost it” so you don’t experiment with your life, it is better to read stories and listen to stories of people that has experimented with their lifes and they were not lost(dead). I was with a girl that did abortion and died, she was impregnated by somebody and went for an abortion and it was badly done where they had to rush her to another hospital,  it was then discovered that she was actually having twins. She died with regret. Even some young guys too {I met with a girl who told me a guy slept with her severally and got tired, now he wanted to leave. She consulted an herbalist and dealt with the guy, he lost his job. As I am talking now the guy is moving from one job to another without getting anything}. If you are a young person be careful for the bible says “Remember your creator in the days of your youth” which means you can forget. Youth is when you are still agile and strong like somebody who said we are “MAN” (Morning, Afternoon, Night) for some of us we are in the afternoon already, my father is the night. What you get in the afternoon is the production of what you have put in the morning and if you pray and fast till tomorrow you will still be older than today. Prayer doesn’t change that so you must invest into your life now. Many people are using their phones to make money by but for some young people it is pornography and evil. Why should they do that? Why use the tool God has given you to watch stuffs like that. There is a reason for your living and why God has sent you. Invest in your future. SHALOM!!!

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