Inventors to Unveil ‘Made-in-Nigeria’ Car

An auto-dealing company, Interstreet Messenger Limited, in partnership with IVIXI Design is set to produce a ‘made in Nigeria’ car that would provide lasting solutions to persistent transportation and social problems affecting Nigerians.

Named, ‘Africa Ideal Vehicle (AIV)’, the innovation is designed according to the unique costume of an African warrior. With the rooftops taking the shape of a traditional cap, a shield-shaped side entrance and the front view taking the form of a spear.

Speaking on how the project started in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer for IVIXI Design, Dapo Akintunde, explained that it has always been his passion to produce a vehicle that would be unique to Africans, efficient and serve as a means of massive employment and revenue generation for the country.

“This project is to put Nigeria on the map among top vehicle producing countries in the world. I have been to several established auto companies and noticed that they believe their inventions are the best among others. And so, they produce en masse and sell to other countries, thereby employing their youth and bringing in finance for their countries. It is a big thing going on over there. Therefore, we decided to toll that part and produce an entirely different innovation that would serve same purposes.”

Akintunde, who is an architect by profession said, “ Just like a warrior the car is equipped with armoury and strong materials that makes it impossible to crush by bigger vehicles. The car is tall for protection against its lightweight composition but its low centre of gravity prevents any sort of tumbling. Its lighting system will provide illumination to protect its owners against neighborhood darkness. Placing it side by side with other cars is like fixing a match between a heavy weight champion and an amateur boxer.”He disclosed that other similar inventions would be produced after the successful completion of the car.

On his part, the Founder, Interstreet Messenger Limited, Azuka Ijekeye, who lamented on the limited auto companies in Nigeria stressed that if talented inventors begin to produce vehicle, the era of importing cars would be over and this would serve as a means for skillful unemployed youths to showcase their crafts.He said, “Advanced thinking for societal development leads to massive employment generation for the teeming youth like our employees who have learnt the craft but lack the industry to practice them.

These individuals have lost hope not because they are not responsible, but because they do not have the enabling environment to harness their potentials. This is why I am happy about this project, as it has made us to realize that Nigerians are really talented and that we can produce our own products.”Ijekeye said with the necessary finance on grounds, it should be in the market between six to twelve months time.


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