Is Sleeping With A Pillow Harmful For Your Health? Find Out Now

It is a never-ending arguable debate that whether sleeping with a pillow is better or without it will be beneficial?

Researchers have come out with many answers and numerous explanations, but even after going through all the studies and articles, when we share a bed with someone new (relatives or friends) we do discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with a pillow.
Sleeping without a pillow has many health benefits, but there are advantages related to using a pillow too…

Well, leaving all up to you, I would just like to mention a few differences in the advantages of sleeping with or without a pillow.

Benefits of sleeping with a pillow and ancient logic.

In the ancient times, stone, ceramic or wooden pillows were used in order to prevent insects from entering ears, nose, and mouth while sleeping. Later, versions of pillows comprised those of jade, bamboo, and porcelain. But unlike today, they were not made for comfort. The ages have suggested that people have always resorted to keeping their heads on a comparatively raised bar in order to make their sleep more comfortable.

In the present day, there comes a variety of pillows to suit and benefit you in various ways.
#Pillow Type 1: Thinner Pillows

This type of pillow is great for the ones who sleep on their back since it helps in preventing the head from being too far forwards.

#Pillow Type 2: Firm, Thick Pillows


People sleeping on the sides should use this type of pillow since these are specially designed to fill the space between the shoulder and ear

#Pillow Type 3: Thin, Flat Pillows

Such pillows are good for the sleepers who prefer sleeping on their stomach. Some stomach sleepers do not place a pillow beneath their head rather they put it under their stomach which helps to prevent lower back pain.

#Pillow Type 4: Cervical Pillows

These pillows help in supporting your neck.

However, sleeping without a pillow has its own merits.
#1 Facial Benefits

People argue that sleeping without a pillow can help in reducing the wrinkles. Other facial benefits are also involved, and the reason can be attributed to the fact that the facial skin does not get squished against a pillow.

#2 Spinal Benefits

Sleeping without a pillow allows the spine to rest by the natural curves of your body. While sleeping with a thick pillow can also displace your spine.

#3 Neck Benefits

While the common treatments for shoulder and neck pain involve stretching and heating pads, sleeping without a pillow is the best remedy to prevent pain in shoulder and neck from occurring.

#4 Alignment benefits

It is believed that sleeping without a pillow helps to straighten and normalize the bone structure. Also, by sleeping without a pillow, the problems of humpback can be minimized.

The choice is yours, whatever you choose, go not only with your comfort but also with your health benefit. Since both of them have merits of their own.


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