‘I’ve Never Been COZA Member’ – Timi Dakolo Denies Getting Married In Pastor Fatoyinbo’s Church

Timi Dakolo, Nigerian gospel singer, has denied ever being a member of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), pastored by Biodun Fatoyinbo.

The talented singer took to his Instagram page to also refute claims that Fatoyinbo officiated his union with Busola Dakolo.

The COZA pastor has been in the centre of a rape scandal after Busola, alleged that he had forcibly defiled her as a teenager.

Ever since then, multiple accounts and counter-allegations have been presented by both members of the church and supporters of the embattled clergyman who was made to step down due to social tension.

Describing the counterclaims as “ridiculous attempts at smear campaigns”, Dakolo also denied ever being a “music director in any church” as many have had it.

“First, the ridiculous rumor that Biodun wedded us. Please watch the video yourself. Does the Pastor look like Biodun Fatoyinbo? His name is Pastor Seyi of Global Impact church officiating the wedding…but faceless cyberbullies can’t read, can they?” he wrote.

“I have never met or been in the same space with Biodun Fatoyinbo nor do I ever want to be and have never been a member of COZA. I guess that also answers the desperate attempt to say I was a music director in COZA.”

He dubbed the claims a brainchild of “desperate people”. Dakolo also ridiculed claims that he had divorced an unnamed woman and remarried Busola.

“Apparently, I had a child; divorced and remarried Busola — spirit wife and child tings. And Busola was given a monetary gift, car and flown to Chicago. No be only Chicago, na Soweto. Please do better, tell more believable lies,” he said.

“We came out to speak on this painful matter, to bear the shame that goes with it, to be ridiculed, to be doubted. Just so that others might be saved and be justice served. We are not backing down and no amount of manufactured lies can stop the truth that has started to unveil.”

On the heels of the social media frenzy and protests that met Busola’s rape allegations, prominent figures and Nigerian entertainers have since been airing their opinions.


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