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Juliet Anammah Appointed As Chairwoman Jumia Nigeria And Head Institutional Affairs Jumia Group

In recognition of her role in stabilising and growing Jumia brand in Nigeria, Juliet Anammah (Mrs) has been promoted to the position of Chairwoman, Jumia Nigeria and Head of Institutional Affairs, Jumia Group.

Prior to the elevation, Anammah was the Chief Executive Officer of Jumia Nigeria. She has been replaced by Massimiliano Spalazzi who doubles as the Executive Vice President, Marketplace.

The Changes were announced by the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Jumia Group, Jeremy Hodara, on Wednesday during a press conference in Lagos, Nigeria.

Massi, as the new CEO is fondly called, is taking over from Mrs. Juliet Anammah, who has piloted affairs of Jumia Nigeria since early 2016 after she was appointed for the position in late 2015.

From left to right: EVP Marketplace/Chief Executive Officer, Jumia Nigeria, Massimiliano Spalazzi; Chairwoman Jumia Nigeria and Head Institutional Affairs Jumia Africa, Juliet Anammah; Co-founder and co-CEO Jumia Group, Jeremy Hodara and  Media Relations, Jumia Group, Abdesslam Benzitouni.

Hodara said the vision of the company this year is to accelerate the path of its profitability with its payment platform.

He said the company would also capitalise on its infrastructure network to boost revenue from services for third-party sellers on its online marketplace.

According to Jumia Group Co-founder, “2019 was an important year for Jumia. Jumia Nigeria has always been at the fore front of Jumia Group.

Jumia Nigeria has been a place where we groom people for higher and more responsibilities for the company across Africa.

“As a company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, our responsibilities towards each country we operate in have increased. We are a big company now, and as a result of that, our responsibilities to the countries and communities are increasing and changing.

“Because of these responsibilities and changes, I have asked Mrs. Juliet Anammah to come with me to become the head of institutional affairs for Jumia Africa.

Her responsibilities will include visiting countries, meeting governments and institutions (local and international) in ensuring that Jumia has the impact it should have.“She is therefore now the Chairwoman of Jumia Nigeria. It is good news for Jumia. I am very proud because she is the only woman in that capacity in Jumia.

“For Massi, he was one of the Executives and he started his career in Nigeria about four years ago. He is to take the leadership of Jumia Nigeria as its Chief Executive Officer. He understands Nigerian market, he knows our partners, consumers.”

Hodara said the company hopes to build on the successes it recorded last year. He said Jumia had a lot of traction in consumer usage and would continue to boost consumers’ confidence.

In his words: “The better side of ecommerce is its frequency and repetition of transactions. Therefore, we are going to focus on the usage of Jumia. As a Group, we want to accelerate on our profitability. Our sellers need to get good profits while our consumers deserve better offers and prices.

“We will also encourage our consumers to pay online as against cash. That is why we introduced Jumia Pay. It will be easier and convenient for our customers. Because we are the marketplace that is driving the Jumia Pay, we are sure of the security of the platform and safety of our consumers against any information breach or fraud.”

“We’re going to be extremely disciplined and very focused on our path to profitability,” JumiaPay, the company’s online payment platform, is a key part of the growth plan, Hodara said.

He added that the company is interested in making it and its logistics network available to third-parties, even those not selling on its e-commerce platform.

“We will also encourage our consumers to pay online as against cash. That is why we introduced JumiaPay. It will be easier and convenient for our customers. Because we are the marketplace that is driving the JumiaPay, we are sure of the security of the platform and safety of our consumers against any information breach or fraud.”

“In 2019, we had a lot of traction as in the usage of Jumia. What is very exciting about the year is the way our consumers are using Jumia. Today, people use their phones to top up their phones, buy consumer goods; it is a strong behaviour that is quite exciting in Nigeria and other countries. Other operations started bigger and faster in Nigeria, and we will keep the pace and improve on it. Another achievement Jumia had is the impact on our ecosystem.

Jumia is also looking to increase the extra services it offers to sellers, for a fee, in addition to the warehouse space, marketing services and search engine optimisation it already offers.

Addressing the media, the new CEO listed the Jumia Nigeria target this year to include, giving consumers access to purchase online, enabling vendors to grow their businesses, connect its third party partners as well as empowering the Jumia team.

He said his desire is to consolidate on the successes of his predecessor and grow the company to an enviable height.

On how Jumia handles competition, Hodara said the company welcomes competition as it helps them to up the ante.

Speaking on her new role, Juliet Anammah thanked the Jumia management for giving her the opportunity to continue to add value to the Company which has metamorphosed from a startup to full-fledge e-Commerce and technology company.

She explained that in the new role she will be assisting the Nigerian and other African offices (Jumia) on issues relating to regulations and customer management.

Speaking specifically on the new Financial Bill recently passed by the National Assembly, Anammah said that the government is still engaging stakeholders but she believes at long run, it will be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


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