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Just Bought A New Phone? Here Are 5 Essential Settings You Must Change

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A new phone’s setting is always on default. It then makes it pertinent for the user to make certain adjustments that will enhance user experience.  Here are 5 important settings you must change. These settings will boost your phone’s performance and extend its battery life.

Reduce brightness

The brighter the screen, the quicker your battery life will be consumed. If your brightness setting is above 50%, you should drop it to 50% or less. The purpose of this is to save battery. Of course, you know that iPhone primarily consumes a considerable amount of battery. This should be a welcome idea for saving battery.

Use the numeric battery gauge

The default battery gauge for iPhone is just the battery bar. It does not show you the particular  percentage level of charging nor will you know how much battery life  is left. By activating Battery percentage, this information will be available. You will have a numeric reading as well as your battery icon.

Turn off location services 

If you do not like apps to use your location, you should turn it off. Apart from preventing unauthorized use of your app, it also guarantees your privacy. There are certain iPhones apps that collect your personal information whenever you grant them permission to use your location. It is better to turn it off.


Adjust the font size 

The font size of your new phone may be too small or too big. Either way, you should set it to normal or to any other available options that is good for your eyes.

Deactivate Push email

If you use iPhone, you will be familiar with Push email. Push email allows you to receive emails alert on the go. This can sap your battery. It is better to deactivate. Rather than use Push email, you can use your Mail app that you can simply log in to view your emails.


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