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Kaycee Madu Sets Record As 1st Elected Member Of Parliament, Minister In Canada

Kelechi Madu, A Nigerian of Igbo man, has made history in Canada as he emerged the first Nigerian immigrant to be elected as a member of parliament in the country.

The 45-year-old Nigerian who is a University of Lagos law graduate was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta representing the electoral district of Edmonton Southwest. “Madu, 45, a Nigerian immigrant, graduated with a bachelor of laws from the University of Lagos.

He migrated to Canada in 2005 with his wife who enrolled in postgraduate studies at the University of Alberta,” Edmonton Journal reports. He will be sworn in as a lawmaker on Tuesday, May 21.

Climbing up the ladder in the Canadian politics, Madu, on Tuesday, April 30, took oath of office as Minister of Municipal Affairs in Alberta, Canada.

Madu is one of the 22 new cabinet members Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, swore in on Tuesday morning at the Government House in Edmonton. The illustrious Nigerian is expected to be serving in dual capacity as the Minister of Municipal Affairs of the Province of Alberta and at the same time a member of parliament representing his Edmonton South-West constituency.

The ministry is reportedly the third largest in Alberta with over $3.7 billion portfolio. Madu who is a lone United Conservative Party (UCP) lawmaker in Edmonton, won in one of the closest races in the provincial election, garnering 7,742 votes to beat his competitors: John Archer of the New Democrat Party (NDP) who polled 6,974 votes; Mo Elsalhy of the AP with 2,111 votes, etc.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, has said the appointment of Madu, as Minister for Municipal Affairs in Canada is a proof to the world that Nigerians bring value wherever they go. He noted that Madu was initially elected a Member of Parliament in Alberta, Canada. Atiku, in a statement on Thursday, May 2 said: “Upward mobility and local and international successes of the type displayed by Mr Madu go a long way in changing the international narrative of Nigeria, which, in recent years, has suffered some challenges.

“Even more importantly, we must highlight the role education played in preparing Mr Madu for the spotlight. As I have said previously, education is the single investment that yields the biggest dividend.


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