Kayode Oyewole Is The Latest Partner To Join The Ventures Platform

Kayode Oyewole

In an announcement yesterday, Founder of Ventures Platform, Kola Aina, announced the addition of a new Partner to the Ventures Platform team in the person of Kayode Oyewole.

Oyewole joined the VP team in 2016 when the investment company just launched operations. According to Aina, he received a message from Kayode expressing his desire to join the VP team.

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Kayode began working with Ventures Platform as a Startup Advisor. In his role as Startup Advisor, he worked with the portfolio companies of VP to get the right product-market fit and identify their best distribution channels.

Before he made partner, Oyewole also worked as the Head of Investment and Portfolio Support. In his role, he worked with Kola Aina to identify, invest in and back qualified startups for Ventures Platform.

In his new role as a Partner in Ventures Platform, Oyewole will work with Aina and the rest of the team to provide constant support for the portfolio companies to ensure constant growth.

Kayode Oyewole, New Partner at Ventures Platform

Before joining the VP team in 2016, Oyewole worked at as the Head of Riders Growth from December 2015 to August 2016. He was an Entrepreneur in Training (EiT) at the Meltwater Entrpreneurial School of Technology (MEST) from August 2015 to December 2015.

From 2012 to 2014, he worked in Business Development Inceptum Services. With the team, he worked to develop several youth-based products as well as business models to scale across campuses. Also in his position, he facilitated strategic partnerships between corporate bodies and executed projects across campuses.

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Kola Aina, Founder of Ventures Platform

Prior to his appointment at Inceptum Services, he worked at Philly & Mools Group as a Human Resource Assistant where he designed a Graduate Trainee model. He was a part of several staff evaluations and trainings.

Kayode is an avid believer in volunteering and was the Lead Volunteer at Wake Up and Smell the Coffee from 2011 to 2014. He also volunteered with the Project Management team for the Social Media Week in February 2015.

His journey of entrepreneurship, volunteering and learning has led to his appointment as Partner of Ventures Platform with Kola Aina. With a learning curve which according to Aina “is borderline obsessive”, Kayode Oyewole’s journey shows that his potential is only just beginning to be revealed.


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