How To Keep Shoes From Slipping Off Your Feet


1a60e494e6968c4257791508280f8da2Ever had your feet slip out of your shoes while walking or, worse, completely pop out, leaving your shoes behind? Take solace in the fact that many women have experienced same thing. Below are some tips on how to keep your shoes from slipping off your feet while you are walking.

Stick your shoes to the soles of your feet with double-sided tape: double-sided tape is visible and becomes less sticky the more you release heat and sweat. Better keep a roll in your purse if you’re going to use this method.

Buy shoes a half size smaller: Only do this if you can stand the pain, this is really not advisable because your shoes may not fall off initially, they could later on when they’ve been broken in.

Try a different shoe style: If nothing works, it might be best to just go with a different shoe style. There are plenty of cute pumps with ankle straps. Flats come with elasticized backs, too, which not only make them fit more snugly but also make them rollable and portable.

Stuff your shoes: This obviously only works for closed-toe shoes. Fill the toe box with newspaper or fabric so your feet really have no room to move around and slip forward.

Change how you walk: High heel lovers know this: there is a different walk for when you’re wearing heels. The strides are shorter, the feet are rigid, and your weight is mostly on the front of your feet.

Line your shoes with cushions,insert or insoles: You’ll want to use ball-of-foot cushions so that your feet don’t slide down or move forward. Double up if you have to. If your feet still slip out, place inserts where the back of your heels touch the shoes, or if you’re wearing sandals, place inserts on the heels as

Spray your feet with hairspray: Hairspray will make your feet sticky; hence, your shoes will stick to them like glue on paper. It’ll also stop runs in stockings, remove lipstick from clothes, kill bugs, and act as a means of self-defense in a bind. In short, hairspray is not just for hair anymore.

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