How To Know If Your Relationship Is A Happy One

happy young african woman enjoying piggyback ride on boyfriends back with their hands outstretched

We live in an age of public display affection on social media and creation of false impression with smiles that mean nothing.

This is an article that aims to teach true happiness, not to condemn the use of social media for lovers.

If your posts on social media and other activities you let others see reflects how your relationship truly is, then, by all means, please keep posting those lovely pictures.

If, on the other hand, you post ‘relationship goals’ pictures online just to get cheap validation from the likes you get, then you need to face the truth, it’s time to stop lying to yourself.

If your relationship is an unhappy one, you will know, or rather, you will have an idea of it.

If however, you do not, here are pointers to what many happy relationship looks like:

1. In happy relationships, Bae and Boo spend time doing things they both enjoy.

2. They engage in quarrels, but their quarrels never debase to physical or verbal abuse. Their fights end in a resolution and improvement of the situation that led to the fight.

3. Most times, in happy relationships, Bae and Boo still get to keep their personal friends and actively participate in the friendship just as they used to do before they met their partner

4. Happy relationships are often based on trust, communication and a willingness to adapt and make compromises for one another.

 5. When couples push each other to become better versions of themselves in all aspects, they’re usually happy.

6. They actually look forward to spending time with each other.

7. In happy relationships, saying ‘I love you’ still holds its meaning no matter how many times it has been said.

8. Partners brag about each other to other people.

The list goes on and on, really, and the truth remains that we all have an idea of what an ideally happy relationship looks like.

If you are not enjoying any or many of the things listed above or other good things in your relationship, then you need to do something quick about it.

Look for ways to get your partner to change. Make them see reason why you both deserve all the happiness in the world, and how you do not need to separate before finding that happiness.

Hopefully, this works for you and brings you both all the happiness you deserve.


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