Kobo360 Plans Global Expansion into North America, Asia and the Middle East

Kobo360, a Nigerian based logistics company is planning an expansion into North America, the Middle East, and South Asia markets.

The development was revealed by Kagure Wamunyu, Kobo360 CEO Africa Region, in a conversation with Techpoint.

Since Kobo360’s launch in Nigeria in 2017, it has expanded into Togo, Kenya, and Ghana in Africa. With an added mandate to enter 10 new African countries by the end of 2020.

Kagure Wamunyu, Kobo360 CEO Africa Region

However, the company’s focus appears to be shifting towards global operations and expansions.

Do they have what it takes?

Obi Ozor, co-founder and CEO of Kobo360, recently appointed Kagure as head African operations, a move that foreshadows Kobo360’s big expansion plans.

Kobo360 also got a recent feature among the top five African startups with deals worth more than $1 million in 2019. In addition to this, they raised of over $36 million in funding all of which could serve as catalysts for the company’s expansion plans.

But they are up against some serious competition. In the middle east, for instance, logistic companies like Hellman who won the Automotive Logistics of The Year 2019 at the Transport & Logistics in Dubai have a stronger presence and trust in the market. This could make survival in the new region considerably more difficult.

Obi Ozor, co-founder and CEO of Kobo360

Kobo360 currently boasts of a fleet of over 10,000 trucks and is providing affordable end-to-end haulage services in countries where it has a presence.

However, if kobo360 expands to the global west, its transportation services into those regions will be easier, providing ready logistics parameter to deliver goods for their clients in the region.

Kobo360 team in Kenya

Backed by both local and foreign investors, Kobo360 has the financial backing to venture into the global market, but because they are yet to gain traction in markets outside Nigeria the viability of global expansion is uncertain.

Kagure thinks otherwise, however. She believes the company’s impact in Nigeria can be easily replicated in most of the markets the company plans to expand to.

Although, Kobo360 peddles affordability as one of its major selling points, which can cater for cost pressure in a new market for global expansion, Kobo360 will have to adopt global practice.


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