KudiGo: The Ghanaian Startup Looking to Expand Into Nigeria with its Smart Retail Solutions

Ghanaian big data and retail startup, KudiGO, has revealed its plans to expand its suite of products into Nigeria. The startup focuses on the retail space in Africa.

By developing solutions that improve the way retail services are provided, the startup hopes to empower its fair share of 1.2 billion consumers of retail products on the continent.

KudiGO has done very well for its self, having raised money from two major investment partners: Founders Factory Africa and Hawthorne Capital. After a funding round in April 2019 which closed at US$450,000, the startup shared its plans to launch new products and expand its customer base across Africa.

Moving ahead with its plans, the retail startup is expanding into Nigeria and has broadened the reach of its product, Storefront. It has also added a new product called RapidGate.

KudiGO provides smart solutions for retailers and consumers of retail products across Africa

Storefront, KudiGO’s Biggest Product


In line with its goal of developing smart solutions for the consumer retail industry, KudiGO developed Storefront to help small and medium business owners manage their stores and keep track of inventory.

Storefront is a mobile based application that can run on an android device. Retailers who use the app simply onboard their stores to the application. The app in turn enables them carry out various services especially payments processing with cash, mobile money, card, QR codes and USSD.

“Storefront is a mobile-first complete retail business suite which integrates a retail engine, an accounting engine, payment processing and built upon a data and analytics platform designed for the user experience of the average African retail business.”


When developing Storefront, KudiGO integrated SageOne Accounting into its system. SageOne Accounting is a compliant cloud based accounting solution. Therefore, retailers who use Storefront for their businesses will have access to verifiable bookkeeping and financial records for their transactions.

KudiGO was launched in Ghana by Kingsley Abrokwah. Since its launch in 2018, the startup has continued to witness steady increase in users and according to Abrokwah, the startup now has about 4000 users. Its average orders processed monthly has also grown to over 20,000.

With the largest population in Africa, Nigeria is home to a huge number of small businesses and retail stores whose owners would find the startup’s smart solutions and inputs to retail operations very useful.


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