Lack of Money Ruins Marriages Faster Than Lack of Love – Reno Omokri

reno omokri

Activist and pastor Reno Omokri has said lack of money ruins marriages faster than lack of love, he made this known on his Twitter account.

Taking to his Twitter page, Reno Omokri gave his thoughts on the common cause of failed marriages in Nigeria. He wrote;

Sadly, lack of money will ruin marriages faster than lack of love. With money, you can endure a marriage that is not loving. Without money, it is hard to endure a marriage, even if there is love. Love is the greatest gift of all, however, money answers all things

If your money is not making money, then you don’t know the value of money. Don’t put yourself to work. Put your money to work. Invest in ventures that will produce money. Invest your seed and spend your harvest. Treat money like a tree. Eat the fruit, not the tree



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