Ladies: 4 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Every Night

Creating a step-by-step process is a good habit, because for many people, skin reacts well to a consistent routine of healthy care. Proper skin care can prevent wrinkles, acne, dryness, and dullness – plus, it’s fun to get pampered.

Remove makeup: That’s a right ladies – it doesn’t matter if it’s eight o’clock in the evening or three o’clock in the morning, that makeup is coming off. Leaving makeup on your face overnight is terrible for your skin, it clogs pores (which can cause acne), and the makeup will also cake, which can restrict your skin’s oxygen and collagen levels, increasing the development of wrinkles. Plus, it feels totally awful to wake up in the morning and feel a layer of sticky foundation waiting to be rinsed away. If you’re a procrastinator or tend to be a little lazier towards bedtime, you can even stash a pack of makeup remover wipes in your bedside table. It’s better than nothing.

Cleanse: Give your face a good cleanse. Oil-based cleansers are very popular right now, because oil helps to balance your skin’s natural moisture level. However, I recommend simply choosing your favourite gentle cleanser that works best for you. Always make sure to avoid cleansers that make your skin feel ‘tight’ afterwards – those ones are harsh and are over drying.

Moisturize: There’s nothing that feels more heavenly than slathering lots of moisturizer onto your skin and feeling everything sink in. There are hundreds of amazing moisturizers to choose from, and you can choose your product based on your skin care needs. For oilier skin, a gel works well. For dry skin, a heavy cream is best.

Drink a glass of water: Now that you’ve finished your extensive nighttime skin care regime, think back on your day. How many glasses of water did you drink?Pour yourself a nice big glass of water, and sip it slowly while you scan through your mental checklist for the following day. It will ensure that you don’t wake up thirsty, and keep your skin glowing from the inside out.

Stay beautiful!!!


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