For Ladies: 4 Things Guys Do When They’re Getting Serious About You

Foundation to a happy Relationship

The seemingly accepted way to go about relationship in this age is to start slowly and have it get better over time.

Because of the rate at which disappointments occur, people are no longer willing to dive in headfirst and in many instances, men and women just begin by chilling… which essentially means to just go out on dates, have fun, stay a lot in contact with each other, and watch what happens from there.

So, the question is this; at what point do men realize that they want something more from this situation?

Most times, they do not have to tell you before you know. Below are some of the things they do that give them out even before they eventually open their mouths and confirm it.

1. They want to hang out even when there will be no sex

On your period? It does not matter. He’ll ask that you still come spend the weekend with him because what matters is not really the sex anymore, but being with you for as long as possible.

2. Increased PDA

No longer will they worried about holding your hands in the street, curving their arms around your waist where in the presence of other girls. It is n longer a tentative thing at this stage, they are becoming sure of what they want.

3. Complaints about other women flirting with them

This is more like an informal, subtle announcement that you’re the only one whose flirtation is allowed.

4. More interest in other parts of your life

They’ll also begin to actively try to know more about you. Not just the pretty part you let everyone learn about. Every part… simply because they want all of you at this stage, and not just a tip or little taste of who you are.

5. Invites you as the plus one more regularly

No longer will you be going out with him on just dates and hangouts with his friends, but also to events, gatherings and even family occasions… he’s already getting serious about making you ‘the one’.

6. And then there’s that look

Every woman knows that ‘look’… the one where you catch him staring with such… open admiration and when you ask “what?”  he just smiles, lowers his gaze and continues his meal.

“It’s nothing,” he says, but you know it’s not nothing. That’s him wondering if you are even real, and wondering how he ever got so lucky.

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