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Ladies: 5 Hairstyles to Try Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Choosing the right hairstyle for the right occasion can be a herculean task, and when love is in the air, you are more pressed to make an extra effort to look good.

Here are five hairstyles that can give you a breathtaking look come Valentine’s Day:

Long curly weave

With the perfect colour that complements your skin tone, long curly weave will help you to achieve a chic and classy look.

Depending on the shape of your face, you can choose to do a side parting, center parting, invisible closure or fringe, to dazzle your partner with your new look.

Kinky crochet weave

Remember that timeless afro-hairstyle on those black and white pictures? Well, it is still trendy — and kinky crochet weave helps you recreate them.

You can decide to go for a short bobby weave or a longer kinky weave. By virtue of being a crochet weave, you do not have to spend an eternity at the salon making your hair. Spend lesser time to look fabulous for Valentine’s day with this hairdo.

Box braids


You can never go wrong with this hairstyle. If you are bold enough, you can go for bright and colourful hair extensions, only ensure you do not overdo it.

With a colour as simple as black, your box braid hairstyle can make you look free-spirited and full of energy for your special day.

Pixie weaves

If the golden rule, less is more, is your watchword, then a pixie hairstyle is your choice for Valentine’s Day.

Do not forget that weave colour, selecting a quality weave, and the shape of your face are important factors to consider.

Ghana braids

Otherwise known as banana weaves, Ghana braids start out with stylish cornrows and end with long braids which are usually long and beautiful.

Ghana braids evolve with time and trends; hence you have multiple options at your disposal. It is also advisable you combine two colours of hair extensions if you desire a more glamorous hairdo.

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