Ladies, 5 Signs You Are Dating A Married Man

Cheating on your partner is very damaging and will leave devastating effects on the affected spouse. To ladies, dating a married man is a lovely affair because of the benefits they get from the ”sponsor” but deep inside their hearts, they are not happy because they are emotionally deprived as the man is not willing to commit to them.

So how can you know that you are dating a married man?

Here are five signs:

1. He spends weekends alone

Weekends are the perfect time for lovers to mingle and do things together. If the man you are dating is rarely available on weekends, then that is a sign that he is spending time with his family and children.

2. He doesn’t spend a night with you

If the man that you are dating cannot spend a night with you, then you should be worried. It means that he does not want to upset his wife by spending a night away from her.

3. He does not want you to meet his family

Meeting your man’s family members is a key milestone in your relationship as it shows some seriousness. If you date a man for a long period and you are yet to meet his family members, then know that he is already taken.

4. He doesn’t invite you to his house

If the man you are dating has never invited you over to his house and makes excuses when you invite yourself, then know that he is hiding something from you – he is married!

5. Date Location

A married man risks getting caught when he takes you out. So if your man wants to meet you in enclosed places.


Source: News24 Kenya


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