Ladies, These 9 Things You Must Never Do If You Want Your Man To Respect You

A lot is written about men who don’t respect their women, and there is no doubt that some men just don’t get what being respectful is all about. For most men though, respect is not only an important thing in a relationship, it’s also indispensable in all that they do. Respect is a thing that is earned and it can easily be destroyed, so read these nine things you should never do, if you want your man to respect you.
1. Don’t be a ‘yes’ girl
Men, on the whole, do respect a person who is prepared to express their opinion, even if they don’t agree with that opinion. A girl who agrees with everything a man says and whose only answer to everything is ‘yes’  will soon lose the respect of any, even half intelligent, man.
2. Don’t get drunk
Men do tend to have double standards when it comes to getting drunk. If one of their pals gets drunk, then he’s just having a good time, but to most men, if a woman gets drunk in public, that’s just plain unpleasant and demeaning. Tipsy and giggly is fine, but falling over in the street is a sure way to lose a man’s respect.
3. Not having a life of your own
Most guys want to be a part of a woman’s life, not her whole life. Men respect independent women, who have their own friends, their own interests and their own ambitions and, by far, the majority of men do not want the old fashioned, stay at home and do the cooking and cleaning, type of partner. They like to be pampered sometimes, but they respect a woman who has her own life too.
4. Don’t jump into bed too soon
The truth is that this is another one of those male double standards. While most men would love to have physical intimacy on a first date, that doesn’t mean that they will respect you for it afterwards. Play hard to get, for a while, if you want a man to see you as long term girlfriend material, because that is what they expect and will respect.
5. Never lie
Honesty is a key element of gaining anyone’s respect and even the smallest of lies can damage a man’s respect for you. If you want a meaningful relationship with a guy, then tell the truth from the outset. Lies have a nasty habit of coming back to bite you, so be straight with a guy and he will respect you for it.
6. Don’t complain about your ex’s
Complaining about how bad your ex was won’t get any extra marks for you. Firstly, he doesn’t want to hear about them anyway and secondly, it’s kind of a breach of confidence and a man will begin wondering what you might say about him in the future.
7. Don’t flirt with other guys
To you, it may be just innocent fun, but to a guy, being flirtatious with other men will definitely damage his opinion of you. It’s not just about his ego and his feelings; he will also think less of you for playing games, even if he did love when you did it to him.
8. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not
Men also respect women who are true to themselves. Don’t try and playact to your man, because he will see through it and he will not respect you for it. He would far rather get to know the real you, flaws and all. Most men like their women to be ‘real’ and they don’t respect insincere flattery and pretense.
9. Don’t stop being a lady
Men do love an independent woman, but they still love a lady too. Don’t try and be one of the boys, because guys do not respect girls who can out drink them, out belch them or out cuss them. If they wanted that, they’d date one of their friends!

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