Ladies, Can You Quit Or Forfeit Your Career For Marriage? See What Nollywood Celebrities Have To Say

Ever been in a situation where you had to choose between your marriage or career? When it comes to choosing between the two, there’s never an easy way out. In recent times, the list of those asking their spouses to quit their chosen career has been on the increase and this has also led to several disagreements in the home lately.
While some people argue that it is difficult for women to joggle work and family commitments , others are of the opinion that both men and women have a responsibility to contribute to the upkeep of their homes.
We sought the opinions of Nollywood celebrities on the issue and here are their responses;
I’ll have to do what makes me happy —Gloria Iweuno, Actress 
The only constant thing in life is change. I believe as one gets older we set priorities. It’s about doing what makes you happy. If your acting career is more valuable to you than your marriage then stick to it and wait for the man that will accept and support it. Even if you have to wait for that man all your life.
No one is worth my career —Ella Mensah, Actress
No, I can’t do that. No one is worth my career. If you can’t marry me for who I am, then you don’t deserve me. If he’s not happy with what I do, then he’s not mine. I will not quit my career because of one man who does not have my interest at heart.
I won’t totally quit —Anita Joseph, Actress 
This is a very delicate issue. I can’t totally quit my career for marriage, it takes a lot to build a career. I would probably go into production and select the kind of roles I do. But to quit my career totally? I’m not sure. We will reach a compromise and I can’t be a housewife, else my ancestors will flog and question me.
I won’t, it’s part of my life — Bukola Ojo, Actress 
I can pause for a while to focus on my family and then come back. I cannot quit. It is my career, it’s part of my life and marriage is also a part of my life. I wont halt my career because of him. He should be able to support me in my career choice.
No, I love my job —Awele Odita, Actress 
No, I can’t forfeit my career because of marriage. I love my job. Even if he asks me to quit acting, I can produce my movies. I’m happy with what I do. Why would I want to cut it short?
It’s a capital NO! —Bose Oladimeji, Actress 
It’s a capital NO! Anybody who’s coming to marry me already knows what I do for a living. If he can’t support me, I would move forward and find a better person who’s suitable for me. I can’t quit, it’s not in my dictionary because I love and appreciate what I do and find joy in it every day. Anyone who loves me must accept and love me with my job.
Source: Vanguard

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