Ladies: Do’s And Don’ts Of Red Lipstick

round-lips-woman-wearing-red-lipstickLipstick is an essential part of almost every woman’s daily makeup routine. Red is classy, bold and so sophisticated, but it must be worn right to pull it off. Everyone loves every shade of Red, but it can be a challenge to wear Red lipstick. Red is a bold, vibrant color and if not worn right, it can definitely portray tackiness.

Red lips can provide a gorgeous and sexy look or ruin your appearance.

Here are some tips, the do’s, and don’ts when it comes to red lips.

Prep Your Lips: For better looking and longer wear, make sure your lips are exfoliated, hydrated and ready for color. Exfoliate with a simple DIY brown sugar and honey scrub and finish by hydrating with a lip balm.

Match it with your undertone: Picking the right shade of red can be a bit difficult and to match with your undertone can be more difficult. One major requirement for choosing a red lipstick is to know your undertone color. Cool undertones generally look best with cool reds, while warm undertones look great with warm undertones. Ladies with neutral undertones can rock just about anything.

????????????????????Use subtle shades on the rest of your face: You’ve heard it time and time again, either emphasize your eyes or lips but never both. Your lips will be bold, so going dark on any other part of your face will make you look overdone.  This doesn’t mean you should skip your eyes completely, though. A couple coats of mascara and a subtle lid is the way to go.

Lipliner: Using lipstick without a liner can lead to unnecessary smudging and streaking, especially when you’re wearing a red tone. To make sure that lipstick stays where it should, apply a matching liner around the rim of your lips.  Once your lips are lined, fill in with your favourite tube of red.

Don’t be afraid to layer: Don’t be afraid to layer your lips, you can experiment with different shades and come up with a color that really suits you.

Don’t pair with bright colors: Never make the mistake of pairing red lips with bright colors, it is important to stay neutral with red lipstick or your make up will clash and it will look overdone. Use minimum amount of colors and avoid wearing flashy colors.



DON’T get lipstick on your teeth: There’s nothing worse than glancing in the mirror at the end of the day and realizing that you’ve had lipstick on your teeth for hours. After applying your lipstick, try this trick: insert a clean finger into your mouth, close your lips around it, then pull the finger out. You’ll get rid of the excess lipstick found on the inside of your lips this way.


Choose your outfits right: When choosing to wear red lipstick, you’ll have to base the entire rest of your outfit around it. Red is bold, striking, and can be brilliant if worn the right way but when it isn’t, it can be tacky, trashy and tragic. So wear red lipstick with a complementary outfit, red looks great with solid black, such as little black dresses or a suit, and it also looks great with most evening gowns, and jeans.

Pretty and white teeth: It can’t hurt to whiten your teeth regularly if you’re wearing red lipstick. Red lipstick does not look good on yellow-stained teeth from coffee, tea, or other dark beverages or tobacco. If you’re going to wear red, wear it right and keep your teeth white.

There isn’t one perfect shade of red for every woman: There are so many gorgeous shades suitable for every skin tone. The objective is to try on as many as possible and look in the mirror, which shade makes you look brighter, fresher, more radiant.

Avoid pink: It is a total no-no to wear anything pink with red lipstick. It comes off tacky and a visible clash of colors. Don’t steal the shine away from the red because pink can never be as bold.

Written by PH


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