For Ladies: How Eyeliner, Other Make-up Can Cause Physical Injuries To Your Face

Eyes are a standout amongst the most fragile and touchy organs of the body and shielding them from hurtful outside elements is critical. You may cover them with costly shades when you venture out however shouldn’t something be said about the beautifying agents that you use to improve their magnificence?

Will they make harm your eyes? How unsafe would they say they are and can their drawn out utilize prompt to any eye issues later? Such inquiries should be handled before you apply the following layer of mascara or liner on your eyes.

Various ingredients go in the making of cosmetics while most of them may be fine for our skin, there are still some ingredients that can cause possible damage to the eyes.  These are extremely harmful and their prolonged usage can cause various health hazards and may even lead to blindness in some cases, you may not be able to notice any problems initially but using it regularly will lead to deposits of harmful chemicals in your body. Particles from pencil eyeliner can move into the eye, causing contamination and even vision problems!

In order to avoid this, opt for branded products where you can check with the store or company about the ingredients in the product and discard it if it irritates your eye or skin at any point.

Follow these simple tips to avoid any damage to your eyes. They express a lot about you so keep them safe by careful usage of cosmetics and charm the world with their beauty.

The first rule for eye make-up is to avoid sharing it with anyone, not even with your best friend or sister as it is easy to get bacterial infection from one person to the other.

Avoid applying any form of cosmetic inside the eye or the inner lining especially if you wear contact lens.

If you have an eye infection then do not apply any make-up as it will further irritate the eye and can also lead to more infection.

Do not use cosmetics beyond their expiry date.

Always remove any speck of make-up at the end of the day.

Always cap the cosmetics after use to avoid any chance of infection.

If the make-up or make-up remover irritates your eyes, just stop its use.

Never apply eye make-up when you are in a vehicle as one bump is enough to poke your eye and cause serious damage.


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