Ladies: What Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Can Do to You

Dr Adaora Ukoh, an Abuja-based gynaecologist, has issued a warning to women.
The doctor warned that heavy menstrual bleeding can lead to other medical conditions like anaemia.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Ukoh said in Abuja on Tuesday that the causes of heavy menstrual bleeding were unknown.
She, however, said that heavy menstrual bleeding was still common among pre-menopausal women. The gynaecologist described menstrual periods with abnormal flow or prolonged bleeding as menorrhagia.
Ukoh said hormone imbalance, ovaries dysfunction and uterine fibroids were factors that could result in women developing the condition.
The expert said that adenomysis, the use of intrauterine device as well as complications from pregnancy were other causative factors of menorrhagia.
Ukoh added that cancers such as uterine, ovarian and cervical cancer could also lead to the development of the condition.
According to her, certain medications like anti-inflammatory drugs and anticoagulants can also predispose one to heavy bleeding.
The gynaecologist said other medical conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), thyroid problems, endometriosis, liver and kidney diseases were factors that predisposed some women to the condition.
She said that treatment of the condition would be determined by the causative factor and overall health of the patient. Ukoh suggested iron supplements, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, oral contraceptives and oral progesterone as possible treatments for the condition.
She also suggested hormone therapy to help stabilise the uterine lining, hormone secreting intra uterine device (IUD) and a non-hormonal medication to promote blood clotting in order to treat the condition.
The gynaecologist advised those suffering from the condition to go for surgery if it were due to complications and uterine tumors among others.

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