Ladies, Take Note! 10 Romantic Gestures You Can Use to Sweep Your Lover Off His Feet

Are you finding it really hard to get your man to loving you the way you do? Then, ladies, follow these cool steps and guide him into your life.

Relationships are not just about how much you love someone, it’s also about being affectionate and showing your partner how much you love them.
But sometimes we don’t really know what to do or how to go about romancing the one we love.
So without further ado, here are a few ways to show your partner how much you really love them.
1.    Cook their favourite meal
The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, right? I mean who doesn’t love food? Even if the result happens to be a disaster (which we really hope it won’t be), they’ll appreciate the effort.
2.    Give them some space
Sometimes being alone can be beneficial for the both of you, you can recharge your batteries and re-evaluate things on your own and then discuss them together. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder after all.
3.    Help them with their chores
Surprise them by cleaning and doing some of their housework, whether it’s doing the dishes or cleaning their car. They will definitely appreciate it.
4.    Send cute little notes
Hide little sentimental or naughty notes in their jacket, jeans pocket, work bag or around the house, wherever they can discover these handwritten gems when they least expect it.
Twenty-six-year-old Cade says that the most romantic gesture he’s ever received was from his high school sweetheart, now fiancée, who surprised him with a love letter: “On my 15th birthday, I got a love letter with 25 love quotes and one love poem.” 
5.    Buy a gift for no reason
Who says you need a special occasion to buy someone you love something special? You don’t have to break the bank and it’s often so much more fun to give than to receive and spoil someone else for a change. Matthew, 40, says, “The most romantic thing my girlfriend ever did was get me a life size canvas of Nat King Cole. I love jazz, so it was really nice to hang it up.”
6.    Support their passions
There’s nothing more attractive than sharing an interest in your partner’s passions, whether it’s watching their favourite sport or going to see their favourite band. It might be something that you dread doing, but it shows them how much you care about their happiness and your willingness to stand by them through the awesome and tedious times.
7.    Massage
An impromptu sensual massage is always perfect. Not only does it relieve stress and loosen the muscles, it will also help to melt all your worries away, which could put them in a better mood.
8.    Be a morning flirt
Getting up in the morning can be traumatising, so to make it easier for the both of you, start off your day with a little romance. Give them a quick smooch just before getting out of bed or kiss the back of their neck while they are brushing their teeth. Be cute.
9.    Buy flowers
This works both ways. Yes even men like to be given flowers sometimes. Catch them off guard with a spontaneous bouquet or a single stem, and watch your partner blush and gush over the beautiful blossoms.
10.    Give a loving surprise
Catch your partner off guard by being unpredictable with amorous and adventurous sexual gestures. Make sure you’re in the mood to do it, as you don’t want to use sex as a tool, but it sure doesn’t hurt to bring excitement into your relationship now and then.

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