Lagos Is The 3rd Worst City In The World For Drivers; According To Forbes (See Full List)

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A recent report by Forbes has named Lagos state as the 3rd worst city for drivers in the world.
Lagos state ranked as the 3rd worst city for drivers
Lagos state has been named as the 3rd worst city for drivers in the world. The report by Forbes stated that Lagos has a staggering 60% congestion rate with 10.70 mph average speed. The condition for drivers in the city is not something palatable.
Kolkata, India with 69% congestion at 11.20 mph average speed ranks as number one worst city in the world, while Karachi, Pakistan comes second in the list with 59% congestion, 11.20 mph average speed. Drivers in these countries don’t find any joy driving due to congestion and struggle for space.
On the bright note, Dusseldorf tops the list of driver-friendly metro areas, among other factors, because its highways are congested a mere 20% of the time, while in Kolkata the roads are 69% traffic-jammed, which is the highest level among all 100 rated global cities. Those arriving in Dusseldorf average 21.20 mph driving from the airport to the central city, while visitors to Kolkata crawl along at an average 11.20 mph.
For those keeping score, the international cities that suffer the most enraged drivers on the planet, according to the study, are Bordeaux, France and Helsinki, Finland, while the calmest can be found (perhaps arguably) In St. Petersburg, Russia and Bogota, Colombia.
German cities account for six of the 20 best cities for drivers, which may suggest some kind of “home field advantage,” given the source, but we’ll take kfzteile24’s researchers at their word. The United States, by the way, is represented in the top 20 by a single metro area, Seattle, Washington. As for the other local burgs on the list, Boston comes in at number 50, with Chicago at 52, San Diego at 56, Miami at 65, New York City at 70, and Los Angeles ranked at 76 out of 100, just beating out Beijing and Shanghai, China.
“Poor urban planning or a lack of civil education can make driving the most stressful experience of somebody’s day.” says Thomas Kloubert, CMO of kfzteile24. “We hope that this study will act as a catalyst for those cities in the negative end of the ranking to invest in safer, cleaner and more efficient roads, and consider how methods adopted by higher scoring cities can be utilized in their own locations.”

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