Landwey Acquires 25% Stake In Vistafront

L r Landwey founder Olawale Ayilara and MD Vistafront Segun Ajuwon
L-r Landwey founder, Olawale Ayilara and MD, Vistafront, Segun Ajuwon

Landwey, one of Nigeria’s most respected real estate companies with development projects in the commercial, retail and residential property segments has just acquired a 25% stake in Vistafront, a tech platform for funding real estate projects online.

Since investing in real estate can be a capital intensive project for many, Vistafront was established to give people the opportunity to fund real estate projects from the comfort of their mobile devices and earn good returns at the end of the project cycle.

Landwey and Vistafront team at the ceremony
Landwey and Vistafront team at the ceremony

Concerning the decision to acquire a stake in the company that is currently causing a disruption on the startup scene, the Founder of Landwey, Olawale Ayilara, said, “we are always proud when we spot opportunities for our clients and followers to be more involved in real estate projects that will give them the best returns for their money. We understand the need to continually evolve as we serve the industry. We are glad that with this partnership, we can fully support and encourage everyone to fund real estate projects.”

Vistafront will be gleaning from the wealth of experience that Landwey has in the real estate business, to launch different projects that will be made available for funding on the platform.

There is an ongoing project called Bloom 1, it is a bridge financing for land acquisition for 14,000 square meters nested in the heart of Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos State, Nigeria.

With as low as  N25,000 per unit you can fund as many units as you like and make 12% return in 6 months.

Landwey and Vistafront team at the ceremony 1
Landwey and Vistafront team at the ceremony

Vistafront’s mission is to provide quality infrastructure for all, so 1% of every unit you fund goes toward Social Infrastructure Impact Project (SIIP) like schools, community homes, hospitals and other social amenities accessible to the less privileged.

However, once 1% of your total funding reaches N10,000 for any project, Vistafront will automatically place a cap so that the total amount you pay for SIIP does not exceed N10,000  irrespective of the number of units funded.

The Managing Director of Vistafront, Segun Ajuwon, says, “We have gotten a lot of positive feedback since we launched and we have plans to continue to launch new projects. For every project we feature on the site, we also have in place a strict vetting process carried out by our in-house team and our other partners like Nachtwey Advisory Services Limited, a SEC registered Asset Management company, Emerging Africa Capital Group, a licensed Trustee firm and AXA Mansard, a trusted insurance company.

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