Lawyer Who Escaped Being Killed by Suspected Kidnappers Recounts His Ordeal

A lawyer, David Curtis Ibeawuchi, has narrated his ordeal in the hands of some abductors/kidnappers who tried to attack him on Wednesday along the Jos-Abuja expressway. He wrote;

Yes I am a survivor!!! I cannot thank God enough for saving me from death despite sustaining bullet wounds!!!Yesterday I was en route Jos from Abuja for a matter I have in the Federal High Court this morning, I encountered armed robbers/assassins/kidnappers who immediately opened fire on our vehicle somewhere after Barde, Southern Kaduna at about 6:40 pm.


Initially I thought I was in a trance or dreaming. No this looked like a movie scene, until I saw a ‘SUPERMAN’ heavily armed to the teeth standing right in the front of our vehicle with others positioned at strategic points in the road firing shots sporadically left, right, center and even behind us with AK47 rifles. All of them had guns and sophisticated ammunition.

Our driver immediately alerted everyone in the car to keep our heads down and then continued on a very high speed despite the shots that were being fired at us.

All of a sudden, we saw the Mercedes ML SUV that was in our front stopped, several bullets were pumped into the chest of the innocent driver at close range. He had been shot and he died at the spot while the oga in the car was kidnapped and taken to the bush.

I didn’t know when I said my last prayer (God did not permit it to be my last) expecting the worst then a bullet pierced right through the door beside where I sat and went straight under the chair to hit me in the buttocks.

I bled profusely as my boxers was already soaked in my blood until we finally escaped their sight.

Our driver was not hit by the bullet miraculously, we drove for about a few miles until we got to somewhere safe and then approached the nearest police station, Jagindi Police Station to make a report of the incident and get police clearance in order to be able to treat myself of the bullet wounds.

I had to endure the wounds for more than an hour before we arrived Jos town, as there were no healthcare facility available on the road side.

In fact, I would have not been able to post this story if not for God. I saw dead people and several others who were injured and dispossessed of their valuables.

I cannot thank God enough for miraculously saving me from this incident.

Here I am alive this morning already robed and sitting in Court for the business of the day.

If you ever need a reason to believe there is a God. I am a living proof!!!


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