The Lead 2017: Reasons You Are Yet To Get That Dream Job

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The Lead 2017 continues with the same vigor with which was started yesterday. Lots of job seekers in the house today. People looking out to change jobs.

The LEAD 2017

Today is a day for career professionals.  Tips you need to know when to change jobs and when changing a career.

The first session was taken up by Mr Tunji Fadipe, Chief HRO WITH IBEDC. He spoke on how to be sure when it comes to career change. It is not all the time you tend to switch jobs. You need to have a checklist that will work as your check and balance in switching jobs. Don’t be impulsive about career change.


Tunji Fadipe, Chief HRO WITH IBEDC

Tunji went on to say that before a career can be well managed, the person has to have a proper knowledge of who he or she is. A well-managed individual is a well-managed career and of course, that leads eventually to a successful life. Firstly, you must have something to offer before you can think of approaching any company. Meaning you must be well developed and very versatile in a lot of ways. Your ethical value must outweigh a lot of jobseekers in town before you can be given that dream job

The second session was an overlay of the first session. Mrs. Lanre Lakunle-Oseni, Human Resource Business Partner, Workforce. The first session handled the ethical development of every job seeker, while this second session did justice to the level of the etiquette of any career personnel.


Mrs Lanre Lakunle-Oseni, Human Resource Business Partner, Workforce

Mrs Lanre said much on how to compose a resume that fits any company’s pedigree. Your resume speaks a lot about you. Some applicants still have the old format of composing a CV and they expect such to be accepted and honoured. You need to be updated at all times before going for any career change.

Be sure of skills you have picked along the way, and if peradventure, you would need to pick an added qualification, don’t hesitate, go ahead and do before applying for any career change.

Also, the need to get familiar with office etiquette is highly important. You have to get basic knowledge on how things operate in an office. You cannot handle office operations the way you do your home affairs. There are ways things are done and so, you must learn all these along the way.

Points from the two sessions

Reasons You Are Yet To Get That Dream Job

  • Low skill level
  • Lack of adequate preparations’ for the jobs
  • Poor resume construction
  • Poor attitude
  • Poor interview skills
  • Disconnecting from what your dream company needs

All the above-listed points are just basically what bar you mostly from landing that career change.

Change a couple of things about you and you are on your way to having a better career life.

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