Lime Juice and Eight Other Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally



We all know the reasons to stop smoking, or never begin. In recent years, commercial tobacco has been proven to include highly carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances, like the radioisotope polonium-210.

People also know that there is no one, 100% effective method to quit smoking. What most folks might not realize is that there are some effective, natural ways to break the cycle of nicotine addiction.

Researchers from Thailand’s Srinakharinwirot University, recently published an article in that country’s Journal of the Medical Association presenting the effectiveness of fresh lime, yes, the one we know from the supermarket shelf, as a smoking cessation aid. Their trial tested 100 smokers for six months, divided them into two groups, one of which was given fresh lime and the other, nicotine gum. After a period of 9-12 weeks, the scientists tested for amount of smoking cessation and the level of cravings. Results showed that both groups displayed similar rates of cessation and cravings in similar numbers, although perhaps of varying intensity. So, lime proved itself as a completely viable alternative to commercial smoking cessation aids, except when it comes to cravings.

Lime, has the undeniable benefit of coming from nature and possessing certain added abilities including boosting the human immune system.

Other holistic techniques which have been argued to be effective in smoking cessation (fighting cravings and withdrawal symptoms) are acupuncture, exercise, hypnosis, black pepper inhalation, meditation, self-massage and the consumption of St. John’s Wart and Rhodiola Rosea.

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