LIST: 4 Highly Profitable Talents And How They Work; According to An Expert

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When most Africans living in Africa hear or read the word talent the first thing that goes into their mind is music. Music has become one talent that so many people have been rushing into, and even those who are not talented musically have found themselves trying to break into the music industry because of its profitability. But apart from music, comedy, dance etcetera, there are some other talents that are even more profitable that God has deposited in so many people that are lying idle. One difficult hurdle that I have always encountered when coaching people in my talent maximisation coaching program has been trying to convince most of my clients to leave music or comedy for the moment and focus on some other idle talents that needs attention.

These four talents can be taken as a full blown career, used to grow your business as an entrepreneur and can also be used to increase your productivity as an employee. You probably may have heard about them, or know about them, but I strongly believe that there are so many people who need to read it. So, please, show love by helping to take this to the four corners of the earth.

– Eyes For Errors 
There are people who are very talented with this but don’t know that it can be made Profitable. This set of people can spot an error from afar. They can also be called perfectionist. No matter how good you claim to be, a perfectionist can spot an error in your work unless it has already gone through the table of a perfectionist.
Being a perfectionist is not as a result of your experience or skills, it’s a talent. While discussing with a friend sometime ago, I jokingly told her that the easiest way to know a scam email is to check the spellings and grammars, because most Internet scammers are high school dropouts. Big organizations have Perfectionists who go through their works before taking them public. Perfectionists are of different types and works in different areas. Haven’t you wondered why some foreign products looks perfect?
So, when next you see a product that looks excellent, please know that it has gone through the table of a Perfectionist.

– Manager 
When I hear people say that women are naturally managers, I laugh because not every woman has this talent. Some people are talented managers while some are talented wasters. People who are talented managers can use what Is available to sustain for a period of time. When others are complaining that what they have won’t be enough, managers don’t. Few managers are maximizers but not all. Companies, especially startups with limited funds are always in search for employees with this talent or skill (if you learnt it). Even most men and women desire this talent in their spouses.
Managers naturally knows how to manage their resources, time, team etc. A manager is not a waster. Management isn’t just about finance, but also people. Most people with this talent are always seen as stingy, but they are not. A man who’s a waster needs a manager as a wife otherwise, he may end up working for thirty-five years with nothing to show for his labours. With this talent, you can become a lender to people who earn more than you.

– Strategist 
Has anyone ever approached you for a way to get out of a problem they found themselves? and you just find yourself helping them out without knowing how you came about the solutions? That’s a sign that you are a natural Strategist. If well maximized, this talent can give you financial freedom, influence, connection and can ultimately make you a highly sought after Consultant. I used to have a friend back then in the University who was referred to as a go-to for relationship issues while another friend was the one you go to when you need a lie to tell your parents in order to collect money from them. These aforementioned people were Strategists and were always needed. The truth is, not every knowledge was learnt, some came naturally.

– Critics
Critics and perfectionist are somehow interrelated but, a critic criticises without having a concrete solution to the problem. People with this talent naturally criticises even if they don’t want to. It is a natural something. Every product needs critics. Critics may not spot errors, they can even criticise a perfect plan. Sometimes, as humans, we are bound to see things from one particular angle, but what criticism does is to show us life from a different perspective. Some critics criticises out of hatred but talented critics criticises because they can’t live without criticising.

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